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We represent Men’s rights.

Both men and women should have their rights respected. Gender equality works both ways. People are people.

In this modern era many innocent men are being demonized and punished unfairly, we want to help them and tell the honest truth. We do not represent criminals and monsters who are guilty of actual crimes against women.

Everyone deserves a fair chance and to exercise their human rights regardless of their gender.

Helping Men Charity

False Accuser Sex-Worker Cheilyndra Anjareka Williams Jailed For Making Fake Rape Accusation & Prostitution

The Douglas Police Department arrested and charged false accuser sex-worker Cheilyndra Anjareka Williams with numerous crimes (including prostitution) as a result of making a false rape report. City of Douglas officers responded to a local park in reference to a falsely reported rape. Upon the arrival of officers, land whale Williams falsely reported she was […]

Prescription Medication Addict Kathryn Baker Caught Red Handed Making False Allegations Of Rape Against 2 Innocent Men, She Blamed Her Lies On ‘Sometimes Believing Her Dreams Are Real’

Prescription medication addict Kathryn Baker pleaded guilty to filing a false report to police involving a fake rape / armed home invasion. Kathryn V. Baker, of the 100 block of Pletcher Street, entered the plea before Municipal Judge Louis Colley to falsely reporting an incident. The charge is a misdemeanour. She was given a 90-day […]

Convicted Female Felon Heidi Marie Manney Jailed Again For Falsely Accusing Her Ex Of Rape While She Was On Parole

While on parole for multiple felonies, Heidi Marie Manney went to Glens Falls Hospital and falsely claimed that she was abducted and raped by her ex-boyfriend. By her request, the hospital called the police. On arrival, Heidi falsely told the officer that her ex surprised her on the bike path and sexually assaulted her. Heidi […]

Compulsive Liar Angela Chong Ryan Arrested For Making Up Fake Rape Story

In a failed attempt to ruin an innocent man’s life, Angela Chong Ryan (aka April Chong Ryan) lied to the cops and falsely reported that she was sexually assaulted and raped in her apartment on Center West Parkway. She falsely alleged the incident occurred two days earlier. The feminist police threw in resources on investigating […]

Lying Lady Cop Margaret Mary Brumbelow Fired & Arrested For Making False Allegation That Her Male Colleague Tried To Sexually Assault Her

Margaret Mary Brumbelow, a former Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy was fired and arrested after falsely reporting another deputy attempted to sexually assault her, allegations authorities said they determined were untrue following an investigation. Margaret Brumbelow, 30, of Lula, was charged with giving false statements. She was most recently working with the jail division transport […]

Shady Fraudster Female Shannon Marie Robbins Jailed For Falsely Accusing Male Police Officer Of Sexual Assault Because He Pulled Her Over For A Driving Violation

After a routine traffic stop, Shannon Marie Robbins (aka Shannon Burgess) took to the city police chief himself and falsely complained that she was sexually assaulted by a Waverly police officer during the encounter. We can only speculate how/why she had direct access to the police chief rather than follow the standard procedure to file […]

Single-Mother Child Abuser Nicola Holton Jailed For 4 Years For Raping A Young Boy

A single mother child abuser from Worcester has been jailed for raping a 15-year-old boy during the Covid-19 pandemic, taking him into her bedroom for sex after grooming him on Facebook. Nicola Holton put her head in her hands as she was jailed for four years at Worcester Crown Court yesterday following her statutory rape […]

Psycho Modern Female Nichola Watts Jailed For Falsely Accusing An Innocent Man She Met On A Dating App Of Sexual Misconduct & Assault, As Well As For Faking A Pregnancy To Trap Him

A dating app hookup turned into a nightmare for a man after a woman made dozens of false complaints about him to police and faked a pregnancy, with the help of a forged birth certificate. The evil woman’s campaign of revenge included an email to a 10-year-old child intended to make the man look like […]

Feminist Activist Jessica Beauvais Kills Male Police Officer Anastasios Tsakos In Drunken Hit-And-Run

A feminist activist drunk driver Jessica Beauvais killed a male New York City police officer Anastasios Tsakos in a drunken hit-and-run. Jessica Beauvais, 32, of Hempstead, New York, was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter, suspended licence and intoxicated driving.She struck highway officer Anastasios Tsakos earlier as he was directing traffic following a fatal car […]

Star Actor Noel Clarke Is Innocent; That’s Why He Correctly Denies The False Allegations Made Against Him By Lying Clout Chasing Feminist Journalists & Woke #MeToo Bimbo Clowns (The Majority Of Whom Are Anonymous Trolls)

Innocent Black Man Noel Clarke Is Being Racially Targeted By Racist Rat Reporters Sirin Kale and Lucy Osborne To Advance Their Careers At The Expense Of His Legacy And His 3 Black Children’s Futures Black Lives Only Matter To These Low-Life Virtue-Signalling Journalists And The Lying Privileged Woke White Women Who Are Falsely Accusing Noel […]

Self-Proclaimed ‘Mentally-Ill’ Feminist Blogger Christie Page Fake Rape Case Thrown Out Of Court After Evidence Revealed She Conspired With Gang Of #MeToo Witches Online To Falsely Accuse An Innocent Military Airman & Father Of 2 Daughters (Because He Dumped Them)

Self-proclaimed ‘mentally-ill’ feminist blogger Christie Page falsely reported a rape backed by a MeToo gang of lying witches. Fortunately, against all odds the prospect of her accused mate’s guilt was rightly dismissed in military court. The falsely accused male in question was a Technical Sergeant assigned to the 45th Civil Engineer Squad in Patrick Air […]

Attention-Seeking Fantasist ShelbyLyn Duncan Arrested For Making Up Story About False Sexual Assault & Kidnapping

Deputies responded to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for a reported kidnapping and sexual assault at 1012 Beaglin Park Dr. Salisbury, MD 21804. ShelbyLyn Duncan advised Deputy’s, during the early morning hours she was walking in the area of 1012 Beaglin Park Dr. when she was grabbed by an unknown male, a pillow case was placed […]

Child Killer Woman Alison Yisel Sanchez Valdez Charged With Murdering Her Own Newborn Baby Boy

An Arizona child killer woman was arrested for murdering her newborn baby boy. Alison Yisel Sanchez Valdez, 23, is accused of killing her baby boy after he was born in October 2019, and hiding his corpse in a bathroom. Police were tipped off to the case after Sanchez Valdez, who was 21 at the time, […]

Wrongfully Convicted Man Andrew Malkinson Spent 17 Years In Prison For A False Accusation Of Rape (Due To A Corrupt Jury & Shady Police Investigation)) Proves His Innocence Via New Evidence

A man who maintained his innocence as he spent 17 years in jail for rape has secured a major breakthrough in his bid to clear his name. Andrew Malkinson was wrongfully imprisoned in 2004 after being found guilty of raping a 33-year-old false accuser mother-of-two next to the M61 in Little Hulton, near Manchester, a […]

Middle-Aged Attention-Seeker Kristina Marie Stauffer Caught Lying By Police About A Boogie Man Who Never Existed Rubbing His Groin On Her In Public

Middle-aged wall-banger Kristina Marie Stauffer thought she had the authorities fooled with her false accusation that of all the younger prettier women walking around in the busy area, none other than herself would be a target of a fake sexual assault by a boogie man that never existed. Kristina Marie Stauffer told police that while […]

MeToo Wolf Crier Tamekionna Griffin Jailed After Admitting To Making False Allegations Of Sexual Assault Against 2 Innocent Men On 3 Separate Occasions Over A Dispute About A Dog

An East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy wrote an arrest report stating Tamekionna Griffin, 43, admitted to making false allegations of sexual assault involving a juvenile against 2 innocent men because of a dispute over a dog. Griffin was charged with false swearing / violating public health safety. EBRSO detectives were initially notified about […]

False Accuser Prostitute Chrissy Simpson Made Up Fake Rape Claim Against Male Stranger Because He Refused To Let Her Blackmail Him Out Of Money

“Heavyset Female,” the phrase used to describe false accuser prostitute Chrissy Simpson who suddenly mounted a man’s car and refused to leave without money, according to a police complaint. As the man would not give in to her extortion efforts, the convicted prostitute upgraded her drama to fake rape victimhood. Chrissy Simpson aka Christina L […]

Female Pedophile Teacher Brianna Claire Walker Raped 4 Underage High School Football Players & Then Falsely Accused Them Of Rape To Cover Up Her Perversions (All Of The Boys Were Proven Innocent)

Another case of empowered pedophilia. Brianna Claire Walker was a female high school teacher / sports trainer, she invited underage boys to her house, engaged in weed smoking, liquor consumption and rounded it up with the statutory rape of teenage boys; she then declared herself a victim of rape. While the underage boys she falsely […]

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