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We represent Men’s rights.

Both men and women should have their rights respected. Gender equality works both ways. People are people.

In this modern era many innocent men are being demonized and punished unfairly, we want to help them and tell the honest truth. We do not represent criminals and monsters who are guilty of actual crimes against women.

Everyone deserves a fair chance and to exercise their human rights regardless of their gender.

Helping Men Charity

Serial Rape Accuser, Idunn Schneider, Arrested For Falsely Claiming 2 Police Officers Sexually Assaulted Her After Meeting Them On A Rough Sex Fetish Site Then Regretting It Afterwards

Serial rape accuser Idunn Schneider attempted to pin false claims of sexual and domestic assault against a police chief and another officer but it turned back around on her as she faced criminal charges for making up her accusations. Idunn Schneider, 45, of Issaquah, Washington, faced charges of two counts of malicious prosecution and tampering […]

Butch Misandrist College Student Nikole P. Tucker Falsely Accused Random Man Of Rape, However Text Messages Between Them Proved It Was A Lie

Misandrist college student Nikole P. Tucker falsely claimed she was forcibly raped by a man and reported him to police. She was arrested for filing a false accusation. Nikole P. Tucker falsely reported that she had been forcibly raped by a man while in her dorm at the State University of New York (SUNY) Adirondack. […]

Scruffy Obese Predator Hag ‘Maja Mabengeza’ Has Her Pathetic Clout Chasing Video On Addy Agame (Proven Innocent) Banned By YouTube Because She’s A Lying Scumbag Regurgitating False Allegations He Was Legally Cleared Of & That Never Even Happened

Chubby Feminist YouTuber Clown Maja Mabengeza Mainly Referenced Cry-Baby Bitch-Boy Brodan White To Back Up Her Femcel Nonsense Ideologies And Idiotic Woke Opinions (A Guy Who Dresses Like South Park Cartoon Characters Whilst Calling Black People The ‘N’ Word, Abusing Numerous Women Online, As Well As Being Involved In Child Sex Scandals – Causing Him […]

Elderly Sex Worker Marries Her Dog After Hundreds Of Men Reject Her Due To Her Feminist Values

After spending her career selling naked pictures of her body in trashy tabloids and porn magazines, along with her empowered feminist attitude, Elizabeth Hoad found herself with a problem: she couldn’t find a man. She had 4 failed engagements and over 200 dates (those are the ones we know about, the numbers most likely 3 […]

Trans (Biological Male) Amateur MMA Fighter Beats Professional Female MMA Fighter Into Submission (Once Again Proving Men Are Physically Superior To Women)

The fight between Alana McLaughlin, 38 years old, and Celine Propst, 32 – proves yet again that men are physically superior to women and biology doesn’t lie no matter how the woke mob dress it up, pun intended! This fact is also the reason for men’s sports being miles more popular and why male athletes […]

Lying False Accuser Kristen Michelle Rimes Arrested For Blaming Black Boogie Man For Fake Sexual Assault After She Caused Hysteria Via Mainstream Media & On Social Media

Kristen Michelle Rimes from South Carolina falsely claimed she was attacked by a shadowy figure who attempted to rob and sexually assault her in a Walmart parking lot – she was arrested and charged with lying to police. Rimes, 26, lied about the incident and was charged with filing a false police report and false […]

Bigot Feminist & Failed Comedian Jane Godley Exposed & Blasted Online For Causing Outrage Because She Mocked Disabled People And Spewed Sectarian Hatred

Bigot feminist & failed comedian Janey Godley was exposed & blasted online for Twitter jokes using terms with language that mocks disabled people – including “spazzy” Critics also pointed to past tweets from 60+ year old Godley where she made jokes using the word “mongo” and used “Chernobyl” repeatedly as an insult. She even called […]

Rangers Football Club Supporters Fight Back Against Vile Rag ‘The Daily Record’ By Exposing Their Journalists As Racist, Sexist & Homophobic

Rangers supporters have well and truly waged war on scumbag Scottish journalists after a national red top went for the ‘historical tweets’ angle. Recently, vile rag ‘The Daily Record’ went for Rangers’ fan groups, exposing historically questionable tweets in order to target ‘naughty’ behaviour. Pundits like Michael Stewart demanded Rangers make a statement on the […]

Desperate Clout Chasing Thot Luisa Kremleva Falsely Accused Male Football Star Of Rape (He Was Eventually Proven Innocent & She Faced Minimum Legal Consequences As Usual)

Desperate clout chasing thot Luisa Kremleva made up the rape lie back when Theo Hernandez moved to Real Madrid. She wanted to blackmail the player, saying he sexually abused her during a night out. Three years later, the authorities arrested Kremleva for making the crime up. Further investigation showed that Hernandez did absolutely nothing wrong. […]

Vindictive Cheating Girlfriend Ge Zhang Falsely Accused Innocent Man Of Rape After Consensual Sex & Had Her Boyfriend Attack Him Because She Regretted Her Infidelity & To Cover Up The Affair (She Even Leveraged The False Allegation To Blackmail Him In Exchange For $5000)

Ge Zhang, a vindictive girlfriend who felt guilty for cheating on her boyfriend later accused an innocent man of rape and had him brutally beaten by her unsuspecting boyfriend. Ge Zhang, 24, was studying nursing on a student visa at RMIT university, she had a one-night stand with a fellow student in his apartment. Riddled […]

Evil Feminist Witch Dannielle Weir Pleads Guilty To Making False Rape Accusation Against Innocent Male After Consensual One Night Stand And Loses Bid To Keep Her Identity Hidden

Evil feminist witch Dannielle Weir, who made a false rape claim has lost her bid for final name suppression, as a judge decided she should feel the “same sort of emotional outcomes” as her victim. Dannielle Terese Weir, 28, was convicted of making a false statement to police after claiming she was pulled into a […]

Empowered Female Land Whale Liar, Melissa Ann Connelly, Caught Out By Police Making False Sexual Assault Allegations Against Random Innocent Man

Empowered female land whale liar, Melissa Ann Connelly, 38. of Denver, PA was charged with false reports to Law Enforcement Authorities after an investigation revealed she intentionally made false sex attack allegations to Police. Chunky feminist Connelly reported to Police that a male attempted to sexually assault her outside her place of employment located in […]

Domestic Abuser Killer Wife, Angela Surtees, Pleads Guilty To Setting Her Husband On Fire And Burning Him To Death In Front Of Their Young Children

The gruesome details were aired in the Supreme Court of Victoria where Angela Surtees pleaded guilty to killing her husband. Killer Surtees, 34, was due to face a murder trial but instead struck a plea deal to the lesser charge of manslaughter, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Until now, details […]

Evil Single Mother Raluca Tagani Stabs Her Eight-Week-Old Baby Son To Death To Get Revenge On Devastated Father

Evil single mother Raluca Tagani  appeared in court charged with stabbing her eight-week-old baby to death and trying to kill a two-year-old girl. Raluca Tagani, 29, is accused of murdering little Liam O’Keefe at their home in Ardoyne, Belfast. The 29-year-old also allegedly stabbed a two-year-old girl, who remains in hospital in a stable condition. […]

Ratchet Feminist Waitress, Savannah Nikole Lewis, Jailed For Falsely Accusing Innocent Man Of Sexual Assault In Restaurant Bathroom (Where She Worked) After He Provided Evidence Proving She Lied

Ratchet feminist waitress Savannah Nikole Lewis only faced misdemeanor charges of filing a false police report after falsely claiming she was sexually assaulted in the bathroom at Wendy’s in Rocky Point. “The Pender County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest of Savannah Nikole Lewis for one misdemeanor count of filing a false police report regarding her […]

#Metoo Conspiracy Theorist Liar Feminists, Hannah Pleines & Tatyana Gable, Arrested For False Sexual Assault Claim After The Land Whales Turned On Each Other (It Emerged Numerous False Allegations Of This Sort Had Been Made To Various Police Forces Previously)

Trum­bull po­lice ar­rested #metoo conspiracy theorist liar feminists, Hannah Pleines & Tatyana Gable in con­nec­tion with a failed at­tempt to frame an innocent man for sex­ual as­sault. Hannah Pleines, 18, of Southington, was charge with mak­ing a false state­ment, in­ter­fer­ing with po­lice, and falsely re­port­ing an in­ci­dent. She and her friend, Tatyana Gable, 18, of […]

Single Mother Feminist Psycho, Melissa Amy Leese, Jailed For 4 Years For Stabbing Her Ex-Boyfriend In The Neck As He Was Kissing Their Newborn Son

A single mother feminist psych stabbed her ex-boyfriend in the neck as he bent down to kiss their baby son has been sentenced to almost four years jail. The scumbag mainstream media tried to defend / excuse the evil woman by labelling her attempted murder as ‘who was suffering from undiagnosed post-natal depression.’ Melissa Amy […]

Police Determine That Kinky Sex Perv False Accuser Female, Mary Elizabeth Molden, Made Up Fake Sexual Assault Story

Kinky sex perv false accuser female, Mary Elizabeth Molden was accused of filing a false report of being sexually assaulted after police determined the acts were consensual. Mary Elizabeth Molden was arrested for the Class B misdemeanour of making a false report to a officer. Wichita Falls police were called to the Sleepwell Motel, 3100 […]

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