May 26, 2019


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Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Is Innocent

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed’s Media Scandal


Dating and Life Coach Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame was subject to a nationwide media scandal in 2019.

There were no complaints against him until the BBC Social video caused a media storm demonising Adnan. He was a victim of ambush journalism. The BBC Social video was edited in such a way that made Adnan look like a criminal.

Adnan taught “Dating for Men”. This is a niche sub-section of the self-help industry, which makes millions of pounds every year and is all over the internet. Adnan has been singled out and his image was demonised by the BBC Social video because of personal perspectives. Alex Salmond faced much bigger charges but didn’t get the press Adnan did.

Live dating approach demonstrations and coaching videos happen in the UK and USA regularly, no one has ever been charged or accused of any crime. Some of these dating coaches have faced media scandals (Tom Torero, Street Attraction, RSD) that were in the national and global press, but no one ever faced legal action. The BBC and CNN were involved, as well as many big social media platforms. Adnan Ahmed has worked with Tom Torero, Jon Matrix and Street Attraction and they are still functioning businesses to this day (Street Attraction had 100k+ subscribers on YouTube whilst RSD have 300k+ subscribers and millions of views).

A recent BBC television program titled “Rogue To Wrestler” based in Glasgow taught their contestants confidence by taking them to George Square and instructing them to approach people during the day saying outlandish things and physically touching members of the pubic. In one clip a contestant touches a woman’s nose (whilst she is being filmed). In another clip a man lifts an elderly gentleman off the ground. These people are random members of the public. The program aired in April 2019.

Rogue to Wrestler :

Dating coaches who teach face to face dating are not an alien concept but again Adnan was demonised by the BBC Social video. Adnan always promoted consent online along with having a time constraint (in order) to keep interactions under 10 minutes, to make women comfortable and not to follow anyone with the aim to exchange numbers or contact details.

On Glasgow’s Argyle Street, Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street there are charity workers, sales people, religious reformers, reporters (doing interviews) and street acts that approach people the same way as Adnan. Some of these people only approach females (i.e. male religious reformers called Elders and certain sales men selling female products) as a strategy. What consists of threatening or abusive behaviour? All of Adnan Ahmed’s approaches happened during the day on busy streets and well populated areas, there was nothing sinister or hidden about it. Is it anti-social when men do the same thing in nightclubs, under the influence of alcohol, it isn’t considered to be. Daytime dating is a much safer way to talk to females.

Adnan taught a mix of mindfulness, sales and human behaviour (sociology) from studying this for the last 4 years. He read books by evolutionary biologists such as Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins who have done extensive research on male-female dynamics and why humans act the way they do, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

Adnan Ahmed taught a type of speed dating which can take place while someone is doing day to day activities (i.e. work, education, shopping). Going from point A to point B. This is how he learned, and he practised what he preached. He did not teach men to just go out with the sole purpose of approaching women, there was a spontaneous element to it. Adnan would demonstrate for clients and do video examples to drum up business. People would pay a fee to see Adnan demonstrate in person and on video.

Although Adnan’s language was at times bad whilst teaching, his message was positive. Adnan’s language was similar to television celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey and Keith Lemon, who use crude and vulgar language regularly.

No one in Adnan’s crew was arrested or even questioned. This is because he was demonised in the BBC Social video which snowballed into the tabloid press because of the video’s initial impact on Facebook and Twitter. Complaints only came in after Adnan was humiliated in the press. The public was misled into thinking Adnan’s actions were criminal when he was called a predator on social media and the newspapers. The police put a 101-incident report number in the press after an MSP and women’s rights organisations got involved. Initially the police said there was no criminal behaviour. This case has also baffled legal experts across Scotland.

Once again some females only came forward because of the public panic caused. Most of them had given their contact details to Adnan and exchanged text messages with him. This is unfair treatment, the press shouldn’t be allowed to just demonise people and label their actions criminal, that is for the law to decide. Regular behaviour and initiating conversation were made to look like a crime, causing people to report it.

Those who did report it, did so after colluding and speaking to each other on Twitter and Facebook feeds, on which the BBC Social video had gone viral. They were egged on and conned by American Social Media troll Brodan White through his many various fake accounts, which he used to leave countless fake comments to fuel the scandal. Brodan White orchestrated the hysteria caused by the BBC Social video because of his personal online issues/obsession with Adnan over the last 4 years.

Reports of normal conversations grew into a cause of anxiety or annoyance, with each accusation trying to out do the other. There were even false accusations by people Adnan has never met before, fortunately for Adnan, he had an alibi for these.

Some of the very few women who reported incidents saw Adnan several times. They never thought of themselves as victims of a crime until after the media scandal. If the interaction didn’t end with a number exchange, he didn’t remember the person, this happened with his current partner also. He did not stalk anyone. Adnan would be out with clients and would demonstrate for them and would sometimes end up talking to a person he’d previously spoken to, without realising because he didn’t recognise them. Adnan has talked to many women in the last 3 years all over the world.

Glasgow is a small city, if Adnan did recognise someone (a girl he had chatted to previously) he may have acknowledged them with a head nod or at most say “hi” in passing. He did not re-approach because it would feel awkward. Adnan Ahmed lived at St. Georges Cross in Maryhill, worked in the city centre for a time, went to college in the city centre and met friends there most days. He was bound to see the same people over and over.

Adnan at certain times had to practice approaching and conversation before going overseas to teach or to branch out with his dating business to places such as London, Eastern Europe and the Middle-East – as Glasgow was not proving to be profitable or lucrative in terms of a client base. Bigger cities proved to be better for a client base (i.e. Skype training and for requests to do demonstration videos).

Adnan has also coached a junior doctor, joiners, IT consultants, students, a football referee, an aspiring actor and people in regular employment (who are based in the UK and other parts of the world). Many former clients are afraid to come forward because of the media scandal as they feel they will also face legal repercussions like Adnan does which would affect their professional standing and lives.

This is also the reason why many of the women Adnan successfully dated in the last 3 years were not willing to come forward to defend him, as they were afraid of the media and legal repercussions and felt humiliated because of how Adnan was publicly shamed in the media and on social media. However, there are statement(s) from many of these females confirming that Adnan was never threatening, abusive, violent or committed sexual assault.

There are more statements and witnesses that can confirm Adnan was running a dating business and that he was trying to move away from this line of work, but yet again these people are afraid to come forward encase they are demonised in the media also.
Adnan met his current partner through daytime dating. She can testify that he never sexually assaulted, assaulted, threatened or abused her.

Adnan is estranged from his 11-year old daughter since being remanded and is unable to look after his elderly mother, who was robbed weeks after Adnan was remanded by a criminal gang who broke into her house, destroying her property and stealing her life savings in cash as well as a lifetime worth of jewellery totalling to approximately £100k in value.

The only video proof the authorities have is of Adnan casually making fun conversation with 3 females. This is from voluntary street patrol officers (not police). It clearly shows Adnan walking with a female, talking to a female (not blocking her path) whilst very relaxed and friendly.

The Procurator Fiscal has Adnan’s DWLF business card as “evidence” against him. The card has “Addy Agame, Criminal Justice Practioner, DWLF – Dreams Worth Living For” and Adnan’s previous phone number written on it. The P.F. said originally that DWLF stands for “Dicks Will Last Forever,” the card clearly says, “Dreams Worth Living For.” The P.F. got this from the BBC Social video. One of Adnan’s friends had made up the swear-word acronym as a joke, they said this joke on a video interviewing two female friends.

Adnan was a Criminal Justice Practitioner for Turning Point until the time of his remand. He was also moving away from the dating field and taking DWLF in a new direction focusing on human rights/ men’s rights. His job was supporting ex-cons and drug addicts to reform and integrate them into society. He planned to expand DWLF into representing men who had been wrongfully accused of crimes they didn’t commit. He had no idea that he would be in a very similar situation.

Adnan was planning to study criminology in his 4th year at university. In his 1st year he gained an HNC in Social Services (at the City of Glasgow college). In his 2nd year he gained an HND in Additional Support Needs (at Glasgow Clyde college). At the time of his arrest he was half-way through his 3rd year doing a BA in Learning Difficulties/Disabilities (between Fife college and Abertay university). His 4th year would have been a BA (Hons) in Criminology (at Abertay university in Dundee). His place on the course was terminated as was his employment because of the media scandal. Adnan also has a previous BA in Business Studies (From Glasgow Caledonian University). He was combining both areas of his studies by taking DWLF in a new direction. It was also because he was becoming frustrated by the monotony of the dating field and he planned to marry his fiancé in January 2019.

Adnan is drug-free and does not drink alcohol. He has no mental health issues. He did a lot of community work over the last 4 years with Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, mentoring and sponsoring vulnerable individuals, as well as having went through the 12-step program of recovery with his own mentors and sponsors as part of his own rehabilitation after his last sentence in 2013.

Adnan’s previous record is bad. However, he plead guilty to those offences straight away because he was guilty of those crimes. He is not guilty of the allegations the Procurator Fiscal has made. Adnan has not committed any offences since 2013, has never been on trial before, and has never been placed on a fully committed remand or been indicted in the past.

Although his previous is bad, it does not include any sexual offences or assaults. The drug offences he had in his past he has fully rehabilitated from and is willing to be drug tested at random to prove this. The firearm offences were a taser that was not functional and a fake replica pistol (which could not harm anyone). For all his drug offences and firearm offences together in 2009, he received a total of 35 months custodial sentence.

Adnan states that he has never cheated on his partner. It was all business. Adnan was honest with his then partner, now fiancé about his business and she has confirmed this. If Adnan had known that this type of business had any type of criminal connection or implications he would not have taken part in it. He discovered it on YouTube whilst single and thought it would be a good business idea as no one was offering this service in Scotland.

The police recovered his phone and laptop from the flat, as well as his fiancé’s laptop and old phone. Nothing incriminating was found on any of the devices.

After the BBC Social video came out on 9th Jan 2019, he was hounded by reporters and journalists, as well as receiving countless death threats, threats of violence, derogatory slurs and name calling. The phone did not stop ringing for a second on that day. The press also hounded his mother (calling her and turning up at her residence) as well as outside Adnan’s apartment. Adnan has received support from many individuals. He is innocent of any wrong doing.

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