Alex Salmond Defeats Lying Feminists, Using #MeToo Movement, To Falsely Accuse Him

Alex Salmond Acquitted Of All Charges In Sexual Assault Trial

Alex Salmond has been acquitted of all charges of sexual assault, he suggested he had been the victim of a witch-hunt. A jury of 8 women and 5 men found Alex Salmond not guilty of 12 charges of attempted rape, sexual assault and indecent assault.

The nine women involved in the charges were all current or former Scottish government officials, or SNP politicians. This has prompted immediate recriminations and demands for resignations within SNP, which Salmond’s allies and opposition parties said now faced profound questions over its handling of the case. It is scary to think that even female Scottish politicians are willing to make false allegations as part of the current cultural madness!

Alex Salmond’s QC; Joanna Cherry stated; “Some of the evidence that has come to light both in the judicial review and at this trial raise very serious questions over the process that was employed within the Scottish government to investigate the alleged complaints against Mr Salmond, and I am sorry to say some of the evidence also raises serious question marks over how these complaints were handled by the SNP.”

Speaking of the current #MeToo movement Alex Salmond stated; “As many of you will know, there was certain evidence I would like to have seen led in this trial but for a variety of reasons we weren’t able to do so. At some point that information, that fact and that evidence will see the light of day but it won’t be this day, for a very good reason.”

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