Anthony Johnson, Janice Flamingo And Piers Morgan Expose Radical Feminism As Evil; Whilst Feminists Childishly Deny Their Hatred of Men And Desperate Need For Supremacy

Anthony Johnson, the “First President of the Manosphere” appeared on Good Morning Britain wearing a red baseball cap with the slogan ”Make Women Great Again” representing the conference he runs for men and women.

Piers Morgan though having, “some issues with the more radical end of the feminist world,” agreed with Anthony whilst trying to remain neutral. Anthony, realising that he was talking to feminist morons (Morgans co-host and some random blobby feminist guests) attempting to mock him, stayed stony-faced throughout.

Johnson’s thesis is that; “feminists are fighting a war on motherhood, fatherhood and family…feminism has collapsed into rampant sexist man-hating bigotry and female supremacy.” He is 100% correct!

Along with Anthony, the segment also contained Janice Flamengo, a respected Canadian university professor who describes herself as “pro-liberty, anti-feminist, defender of men’s rights, free speech..”

Janice stated; “like Anthony, I take issue with the idea that feminism has anything to do with gender equality. If you look back to the roots of feminism, you can see that from the very beginning feminists argued on the basis of female moral superiority and that has been very much the case especially for the last 50 years.”

Janice then continued; “I would like to say  as someone who has been involved in academic work and university teaching for many years, I’ve seen all sorts of workshops and conferences that are designed to help men overcome their ‘toxic masculinity.’ I thinking that a conference called Make Women Great Again….that is about men and women connecting and talking about love and marriage, and what makes marriage work, is a lot more positive than what we see now, which is a lot of women telling men what to do in order to be decent human beings.”

Even Piers Morgan conceded that she had made a ‘fair point.’

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