BBC Radio Scotland Cause Outrage By Pushing Feminist Agenda On Listeners; Despite Man Being Found Not Guilty Of Rape (Kaye Adams & Sandy Brindley)

Ched Evans was found not guilty after a retrial of false allegations from a 19-year-old woman accusing him of rape. A BBC radio Scotland presenter Kaye Adams was forced to defend her radio discussion of Ched Evans ”not guilty” rape verdict after listeners were asked whether they had “sympathy” for either him or the accuser.

One man called in and said of Evans’ accuser: “She wasn’t exactly a virgin was she?” Another female caller stated; “Nobody has come forward to say anything like, ‘he raped me too,’ so he must get some points for that.”

Kaye Adams also asked during the show: “Someone might say what kind of woman wants to be in a hotel room blind drunk, making themselves vulnerable?” Mike Buchanan responded to this by saying; “What if a sober woman has sex with a drunk man, do we consider that to be rape? Of course we don’t…perhaps we should.”

Finally a woman called in and said; “This whole discussion has been horrific. I think allowing judgement of a woman’s moral character is wrong.” Sandy Brindley from Rape Crisis Scotland also had something to add by saying; “There has to be protections from criminal behaviour….when men and women get drunk.”

Many listeners then took to Twitter expressing anger and disgust over the show stating they were showing no balance to the debate. BBC Radio Scotland and Kaye Adams defended the discussion taking back all original opinions and stating; “Throughout the programme, Kaye repeatedly stated the facts of the case and clearly explained the impact on the accuser. Rape Crisis Scotland was given a sizeable portion of airtime.” Bunch of feminist idiots pandering to outrage as usual, rather than sticking to the truth!

Ched Evans was found not guilty of raping the woman, yet there are still so many individuals who support the accuser. She lied and she was proven to be a liar. She should be named and shamed for this behaviour – as well as face a sizeable jail sentence. This accusation ruined this man’s life and took years from his life as he sat in jail waiting for justice. Justice was finally served but Ched is still suffering at the hands of feminists accusing him despite his innocence.

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