Jul 12, 2021


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Bitter Ex-Wife Tammie Taylor Brewer Put Behind Bars For Falsely Accusing Her Ex-Husband Of Kidnapping & Raping Her

Bitter ex-wife Tammie Taylor Brewer falsely accused her ex-husband of kidnapping and raping her. She was put behind bars, charged with filing a false report.

Tammie Taylor Brewer, 38 of Booneville, contacted the Booneville Police Department to report the fake kidnapping and fake vandalism to her vehicle. She falsely told officers that her former spouse forced her into her own car against her will in a parking lot near the Booneville Walmart.

She falsely said he drove her to a rural area of Prentiss County, sexually assaulted her and later released her. She added that the suspect also “maliciously caused damage to her vehicle” during the altercation. Since the fake sexual assault reportedly took place in the county, she filed a report with the Prentiss County Sheriff’s Office as well.

Using surveillance video and witness statements, investigators determined that the allegations were false. As a result, Brewer was arrested and charged with filing false reports by both Booneville and Prentiss County.

Read more; https://www.djournal.com/news/booneville-woman-arrested-for-making-false-reports/article_738bfc58-9d1d-5b69-b5e1-076fb87c7038.html

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