Mar 18, 2020


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Britain & Netherlands; Re-write History of Colonial Past As “Positive” – Despite Other Nations Stating The Opposite

In a new poll asking the question; “were British colonies better off’ for being part of the bygone empire?” One-third of the respondents stated yes, as Britain tend to yearn more for their imperial past than other colonial powers.

The poll also revealed that more than one-third are still ‘proud’ of the empire and would like the empire to still exist today unlike citizens of France, Spain, Italy, Germany or Japan.

The results from Britain and the Netherlands were in stark contrast to responses from Germany and Belgium. Asked about the period of empire between 1871 and 1918, only nine percent of Germans said they were proud.

The reason for the belief that the colonies were “better off” could lie in the fact that Britain has not undergone a national reckoning with its past and its empire’s legacy of violence, slavery, famine and division.

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