Nov 16, 2019


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British Feminist Falsely Accuses Israeli Men of Rape And Is Proven To Be Lying

British Feminist Lied That She Was Raped 12 Times

A British teenager, 19 year old woman, falsely accused Israeli men of raping her 12 times in Ayia Napa in July 2019. According to her statement she said she was gang raped in a hotel room and that 10 days later she was forced by police to retract her statement.

The woman is now on trial in Cyprus for causing public mischief. Prosecutors told how she willingly wrote and signed the statement which was brought to court. Her defence lawyer told the court how the teenager was forced by police to write what “she was told” and the woman did so in fear of being kidnapped or killed.

She later admitted in court saying she lied and texted her mother saying “Trust me, I’m OK.” The story told by the teenager is messy and does not add up. No man was prosecuted of rape.

When reported by British news as seen in the link below, it is clear that there is sympathy for the woman than the falsely accused men, despite the woman being a liar. This is further evidence that the UK is a feminist state cesspool.

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