Bum Blogger Kate Lloyd (Refinery29.com) Writes Insidious Sickening Article About BBC Flopumentary – Secrets Of The Seduction Boot camp: Men Pick Up Women

Moronic Kate Lloyd Spreads Radical Feminist Hate via Wretched Blog Site “Refinery29.com” Pushing Prejudicial BBC Panorama/ Disclosure Man-Hating Propaganda!

Surprise, surprise – a big boned, 30-something year old angry ginger blogger called Kate Lloyd (posing as a freelance writer) puts together a feminazi man-hating article championing a left-wing BBC Panorama/Disclosure flop documentary by beta male bum journo Myles Bonnar. Let’s look into the moronic and questionable attributes and character of Kate Lloyd. She states she is a “Love Island freak,” the “freak” part is correct, and seriously Kate – Love Island – reality TV is for brain-dead losers who watch life go past them and don’t actually live it. Kate Lloyd also confesses to “loving a drink,” however it’s not just alcoholic tendencies and hangovers she chunters on about, Kate also has an affinity for drugs. She advocates illegal drug use, as highlighted in a previous crap article of hers about – “taking pills which cure a comedown.”

The term “comedown” is the equivalent of a hangover after the high of taking illicit, illegal class A drugs wears off. She even tweeted “have you used supplements like rave aid/ sorted/ happy Tuesdays or done an IV drip after a big night out?” Wow, this chunky ginger cannot be taken seriously as a writer, her opinion is just scatter-brain ramblings of hangovers and comedowns (drug psychosis at it’s worst). This explains her fried brain nonsense article kissing creep Myles Bonnar’s stanking ass and man-hating on masculine heterosexual men – Street Attraction and Addy Agame. A suggestion Kate – lay off the drink and drugs before you write your next trash article, or do us all a favour and quit writing, your work sucks!

Kate Lloyd writes for a nasty sexist (women only) website called Refinery29.com, which contains typical mainstream marketing drivel like telling its big lady readers “how to get rid of your beer belly.” The hypocrites at Refinery29.com also give conniving women tips on how to trick, convince and manipulate men to date them and have relationships with them. They also host a creepy “lonely girls club,” as well as give women seedy sex advice. Refinery29.com also feature trash articles about x-mas, alcohol and Botox – riveting stuff! No wonder men are searching for “pick-up/ game” sites to learn from, they don’t want their minds conditioned with the poisonous crap Refinery29.com are pumping out!

Catastrophic Kate starts her article with a tragic attempt at being witty, by stating; “what would you do with £4000 and a week off work? Spa break? Holiday? According to a new documentary, for some British men it is a residential training camp that promises to teach how to convince women to have sex with you. It’s as shocking as it sounds.” It’s really not shocking Kate, maybe the hangover shakes put you into shock, you should have waited until you recovered before you wrote your trash article.

Crummy Kate uses disgusting manipulative language such as “convince women to have sex.” There is no “convincing” involved Kate, you are insinuating falsehoods, the course teaches men to attract, date and seduce women – not “convince” them (it’s mutual and consensual). It’s not just “British men” Kate you muppet, it’s men all over the world who would pay “£4000” because they take their love/sex lives seriously. Why not invest in finding ones best desired match, rather than settle for frumpy ginger man-haters like Kate Lloyd. Also Kate £4000 seeming like a lot of money to you, says it all about your success in life. It also gives an indication of the quality of men investing, your average bum can’t afford 4k for much at all, these men are of a professional/ successful calibre. And Kate do some actual independent research you idiot, rather that sourcing your article via “according to a new documentary,” this is the problem with these foolish writers, they get their information from television and not real-life experience/ research, well Kate watches “Love Island,” she most likely thinks that’s how people meet. To be honest, boot camps aren’t much different, just a lot less cringe worthy! Additionally your language is horrific, “convince women,” comes from your seedy mind, dating coaches taught other men how to be better all round people, in order to automatically attract women without effort you moron!

Creepy Kate Lloyd continued; “Panorama: secrets of the seduction boot camp aired on BBC….promises undercover look inside the £80 million industry built up around pick-up artists.” The BBC flop-umentary she refers to is by Myles Bonnar, a ball-less low status creep trying to make a name for himself, by literally being a lying snitch. Cowardly racist Myles Bonnar has disappeared into nothingness again after selling himself out for fame (he has no actual skills/ talent) by trying to destroy innocent men’s lives because he’s a spineless weasel who women find repulsive. This shows the demand for dating advice, especially in the West! Mixed up men like Myles need the help. Dating coaches do cross promote each other’s businesses (just like other YouTubers) only if they agree/ teach similar things – there is plenty of rivalry and competition also, like with any other business. £80 million pound says it all, clients willingly pay for help because it works, it’s not a con – unlike Bonnar who is a complete and utter fraud and charlatan bum reporter.

Cretan Kate continued; “big names earn hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, post secretly filmed footage of themselves chatting up women in cities like Glasgow and London.” Again this shows the popularity and demand for this service. Also it’s not limited to Glasgow or London, it’s in every major city; in most European countries, Australia, USA, South America and Asia. It is not illegal to “teach men” dating nor is it illegal to “chat-up and sleep with women.” Kate may find this strange because of her lack of sexual experience, for most men and women this is a normal thing.

It is also not illegal to film anyone in a public place. The media do so on a daily basis overly and covertly. At least in pick-up videos; names, identities and personal details of those featured are hidden – in the mainstream media they are not – instead it’s the opposite, resulting in consistent law-suits and compensation claims! Low-life Lloyd continued; “sometimes even share audio they claim was recorded whilst having sex.” This is a ludicrous claim by Kate Lloyd, what she is referring to is a black screen with 10 seconds of moaning – no one ever made the claim of having sex! There was absolutely nothing pornographic or any sexual nudity involved whatsoever!

Scummy Kate Lloyd continued; “these men make promises that make seducing women sound like a computer game. Forget mutual attraction, a series of cheats to get a stranger into bed.” This is uneducated trumped up opinionated crap Kate. Firstly, males biologically have very logical minds, they learn better when they are taught things in “building blocks/ math equation” methods. No one is told to “forget mutual attraction,” this is a stupid claim. Once the fundamentals are taught in this fashion the training wheels come off and the teachings are internalised which sparks mutual attraction. There is no “series of cheats,” women are not stupid, it’s a step by step guide on how to be a more attractive man.

Scatter-brain, know-nothing, know-it-all, Kate Lloyd continued; “range from pseudo-psychological tips for how to convince a girl to stay at your house once she gets there (take off shoes) to ready-written scripts to rattle off.” This is nonsense Kate and there’s that word “convince” again, implying all straight men are up to something sordid that is a, disgusting accusation Kate!

What dating coaches like Addy, Eddie and Richard, etc, taught clumsy social misfits like Myles is that they can learn to perceive things differently, to cut through illusions of the mind/ PC society that they believe or fear, to stop seeing imaginary problems and to learn to focus on the reality of male-female dynamics. Too often clients who think like Bonnar react emotionally, get despondent and lose perspective. Their negative perceptions invade their minds and throw off their emotional compass, resulting in social anxiety. Dating is taught as a science and an art. Human brains evolved for an environment very different from the one we currently inhabit, resulting in people carrying biological baggage (as social justice ideologies clash with basic human instincts). Humans are still primed to detect threats/ dangers that no longer exist, ie. stress of  rejection or the fight-or-flight response Myles experienced when talking to a female. Addy and Street Attraction taught that men have a choice in how they respond to this situation; to not be led by primal feelings, to understand them and learn how to filer them in order to be attractive to the opposite sex (its not trickery, it’s science and art).

If the BBC Social video or Panorama/Disclosure flop-umentary was even slightly accurate; it would have shown how Addy and Street Attraction turn seduction into an education, skill-set and success with women. Many men from all backgrounds testify online on how they learned to control emotions, to have a positive outlook, to overcome anxiety/ depression, to enjoy the present moment and to handle situations that disturb/ limit others. Women benefit from this also, they can have healthy relationships (whether short-term or long-term) with men you have their shit together! Instead Mandy- you showed what your dark sordid agenda and limited mind made-up and twisted!

Toxic Kate continued; “what is a surprise, instead of subscribers being appalled by invasion of privacy and disregard for consent shown on accounts, they’re happy to pay for more!” It’s not a surprise to anyone but you Kate because you watched a prejudicial TV programme and formed a shoddy incomplete opinion. People who know about evolutionary biology and psychology see the validity of it, hence why subscribers are not “appalled and pay for more.” Also people are numb to so-called “invasion of privacy” because the media, social media and CCTV film them without their consent and broadcast every intimate detail about them with complete “disregard for consent.”  In YouTube dating videos all intimate details are concealed and people’s faces are blurred/ hidden protecting their identity. Plus it is totally legal to film anyone on public property with or without their consent – that is the law!

Clown Kate continued; “it’s no surprise this strain of pick-up culture has become known as gaming.” You are a strain on the truth Kate, where the hell are you getting this misinformation from – are you just making it up?! No one in the community calls it “gaming, ” the terms “doing game or having game” comes from African American slang for having confidence, wit and swagger – you ginger fibber! Portly Kate then stated; “subscribers are so keen to learn how to game that they’ll pay for exclusive advice via online courses and real-life tuition.” These men are not stupid, they are professional people who want to meet women, they have the right to do so, it’s their choice Kate – your views are fascist, you have no right to take away choice from people just because they are male.

Frustratingly ignorant Kate Lloyd continued; “to investigate the work of pick-up gurus, journalist Myles Bonnar spent a weekend undercover at a £1500 course on Oxford Street by the UK’s most popular collectives, Street Attraction…run programmes in London and Europe…posting secretly filmed videos of their pick-up attempts online. Bonnar joins a small group of men in their 30s.” This is the resume of a legit and successful business Kate. Did Myles’ unsuccessful life bug him so much that he took it upon himself to use BBC propaganda to destroy men’s livelihoods, who are self-made successes?! The reason Myles went there was to advance his failed career – he made a vile video defaming Addy Agame that got him some fame as a slimy snitch in Scotland so he decided to repeat the formula to get UK-wide recognition. But he failed, the documentary flopped and he’s faded back to nothingness! This is the epitome of creepy – Eddie was helping those men better their lives and Myles was there secretly filming men for his gratification. Moronic Myles sounds like a country bumpkin Scotsman star struck by London, he fails to mention he also handed over £600 of the BBC’s money (swindled from the public via TV licences) just to get to be around the good folks at Street Attraction.

Calamity Kate continued; “instructors pick girls for them to approach and the rest of the group listen via hidden microphones.” Myles’ stupidity is astounding, in any coaching/ student scenario – the perceiving eye is weak and the observing eye is strong. Eddie’s observing eye seen events from experience (clear of distraction, exaggerations and mis-perceptions); in contrast to Myles’ inexperienced perceiving eye that seen obstacles and issues. Hence the need for mics and ear pieces. Eddie taught how to focus the animal brain within milliseconds by questioning impulses and overriding them and to examine perceived threats that are not real. This is mental and physical training and requires practice by taking consistent action.

White Knight friend zone coward Bonnar virtue-signalled through his mangina, stating; “not that the women knew that,” just like Eddie didn’t know you were abusing his trust by secretly filming him and lying to him – while he was trying to help you. Myles, women benefit from this also, it’s win-win you childish idiot. Dating is difficult for females also to an extent, they want to meet a man, they want the right man to approach them – ask some women without your BBC rubbish hat on. Day-time dating is a solution for both men and women. Why be someone grovelling online, why not have something special to offer – daygame allowed men to be the answers to women’s prayers, not the other way around!

Dating coaches like Street Attraction and Addy taught their clients a series of exposure therapy in varying levels of difficulty; from simple daunting approaches, until they did it so many times that it became as second nature as breathing. Making it natural and familiar, removing uncertainty, leading to confidence through experience. Fear is relieved by authority. Training is authority, it’s a release value. With enough exposure, ordinary and innate fears are ironed out. Unfamiliarity is eliminated, which in turn increases tolerance to stress/ anxiety/ uncertainty.

Lame loser Lloyd continued; “the fact that the women they’re approaching are being recorded is awful enough, but it’s the content of lessons that’s appalling.” Is it as awful as the female manipulation (tactics/ tips) over men that is shared in numerous women’s magazines for decades Kate?! You are “appalling” Kate – you watched a selectively edited, prejudicial BBC flop documentary misquoting dating coaches out of context and formulated an opinion of it, without doing any independent research yourself! Beta Bonnar continued; “just like that, I’m deep into the weirdest experience of my life: a journey into the seduction industry.” Is it appallingas Myles lying about his identity, secretly filming men while they work without their consent, then making fake news videos about them? Is it as appalling as stalking men via email and being a virtue-signalling male feminist prick that thinks women will like him and sleep with him because he front’s being a white knight lady-saver? Is it as appalling as trying to destroy another man’s life, income and family (including women and children) to get his own rotten failed journalist career out of the gutter? There’s nothing appalling about it; what’s appalling is Myles Bonnar; his fake perspective, his weasel demeanour, his insecurity/ inferiority complex to heterosexual men, his little man syndrome, his fake-ass wanna-be watchdog flop-umentary, his weedy little frame, his beady eyes, his seedy beard, his sweaty palms, his lack of masculinity, his lack of balls and backbone, his hypocrisy and his actual existence as a whole is appalling!

Cornball Kate continued; “Bonnar reports, attendees encouraged to approach teenage girls. At one point he is pressured into approaching a very young-looking girl despite him expressing discomfort.” The legal age of consent is 16, it’s the law. 17, 18, 19 are “teenagers,” but they are still adults, his wording implies otherwise. It’s funny how social justice warriors like Myles suspiciously employ almost biblical moral high-grounds when judging others, but act hypocritically in secret. His ethics are to push his desperate agenda not because of any actual value system (instead to kick-start his career). If 2 adults of any consensual sexual age decide to get together that’s up to them. 31 year olds are not limited to date those of a similar age, funny thing is though Myles can’t even attract women his own age.

Bonnar was not pressured! Another lie, Bonnar admits in other articles he did approach women, he selectively disguises his saying no out of “discomfort” as some sort of moral high ground! When people like Myles panic, they make social mistakes, become shaken and stop thinking clearly. They react to primal survival hormones coursing through their veins – this is the source of his women problems. Bonnar blames his emotional freak-outs on external sources ie. dating coaches/ PUAs, because it’s easier than dealing with his glaring flaws. This panic has to be trained out and doesn’t go easily – especially for beta male losers like Myles living in denial. Addy and Street Attraction helped men who were honest enough with themselves to get help to solve this.

Low-life Lloyd continued; “instructors saying: even if she’s underage, it’s not illegal to stop someone. Another time an instructor approaches two young girls. One retorts: she’s a child and I have a boyfriend, he asks the younger girl: do you feel like a child?” Once again all women this sicko Kate Lloyd is referring to are above the consensual age of sexual intercourse by UK law. Dirty rat Lloyd implies this is not so by writing, “young girls, young looking girls, the younger girl.” This is a filthy sick allegation from a deprived mind! Firstly, this is totally out of context, at no point did Eddie or Richard say to approach anyone underage, as was implied! Myles was chickening out of doing approaches, hence why Eddie took him aside and told him to be less “selective,” his excuses and social anxiety were the cause, not Eddie! Hitchens didn’t tell him to approach kids ever. Eddie has never been linked to anything to do with anyone “underage,” this is a disgusting allegation; made by a beady-eyed coward in the feminised form of Myles Bonnar.

“Hitchens denied telling students they should approach teenagers, he said; not true, the thing I teach is exactly this. Find out how old the girl is before you do anything sexual/ flirtatious…you are basically misrepresenting what we’re doing. It’s absolutely disgusting and we’ll see you in court.” Myles goes back to his seemingly sordid fantasies by using the word “teenagers” in an underage context. Eddie only told clients to pursue women over the age of consent, never anyone underage, again he has no history of this ever! Even in Myles’ flop-umentary Eddie said to find out age first. Eddie’s statement was again true. Street Attraction are responsible for helping hundreds of thousands of men. They taught self-development as well as dating, Bonnar chose to demonise them to advance his bummy no-go career.

Vulgar liar Kate Lloyd then stated; “course leaders are shown to tell men to ignore flags around consent. The pick-up artists say a woman’s no never legitimately means no and a hand on a penis is the point of no return. One piece of teaching includes advice: she says things are going a little to fast – reply yeah I know babe… then carry on escalating.” Why would you quote a selectively edited sham documentary demonising Street Attraction, why not get direct quotes from them or their website Kate?! Your using negative BBC quotes that follow a prejudiced narrative to reference your article, it’s idiotic!

This is nonsense. Street Attraction promoted fully consensual sex and actually taught men to be “sensitive, alert and responding” to all red flags, both verbally and non-verbally! They stressed “no means no” and additionally taught “nuance non-verbal sub-communication” ie. facial expressions, body language, voice tonality, eye contact, etc. Additionally there has never been a “PUA” related sexual assault or rape conviction, ever! Also Myles did approach women off camera, he admits it in his flop-umentary. Technically he himself should be charged with “breach of the peace” in Scotland, the sneaky little midget.

If anything there was no “harassment” or “lack of consent” ever involved. Both Addy and Street Attraction are on record saying things like; “if the girl isn’t into it move on to someone else/ don’t get stuck on one girl/ we don’t condone rape/ you never have to force a women to do anything, she will want to do it,” we could go on, the list is endless. These guys helped men be better, better than beta-males like bitter Myles Bonnar! No females have ever accused Hitchens of ever “pressuring” them into anything.

Beta-male Bonnar continued to quote Eddie; “he said: that’s completely wrong. You have twisted it completely out of context…it’s an art. It’s completely consensual. We actually help men…if anything we help prevent rape culture and help prevent them getting involved in anything illegal or non-consensual.” This is 100% true – Eddie has never been linked to anything “non-consensual” or “rape,” ever! There are thousands of clients and hundreds of women who can back up what he said.

Stupefied Kate Lloyd stated; “as a viewer, come away with a real sense women being dehumanised by these courses. They’re tricked and filmed as YouTube fodder and presented to men as prizes in a game.” You are a moron Kate – “as a viewer” of what – a BBC documentary designed (via selective editing) to demonise dating coaches. How about you actually watch videos by dating coaches such as RSD (Real Social Dynamics) and Street Attraction or even the numerous female coaches who teach pick-up; then form a weighted opinion! The women on the receiving end of these calibrated fun approaches love the interaction and are willing participants. Those who don’t welcome the attention just walk away, sometimes within seconds. No one is “tricked” Kate, you are implying women are naive or stupid, it’s a mating dance in which they have the choice to take part. Again, if you watch “pick-up” videos such as RSD or Street Attraction you will see they teach that men are the “prize,” not women, so your statement about females being “prizes in a game” sounds dumb, do your homework idiot! No one is “YouTube fodder,” everyone’s identity is protected, it’s no different to prank videos or social media story feeds you drama queen.

Hound-dog Lloyd continued; “no regard for humiliation they might feel. As a Londoner, made me feel a bit sick about time when – like many other women in the city – been approached by a man who seems like reciting from a pick-up script. I laughed it off as annoying for me but sad for person approaching; now it seems it could have been something more insidious.” For goodness sake Kate, next time you write something, read it out loud to hear how stupid you sound! Firstly, how can someone feel “humiliation” when no one knows it’s them – assassin point! Secondly being honest, it’s hard to believe anyone would approach you, you should be happy they did, you are not exactly a pretty picture to look at – either you’re lying to flatter yourself or we agree it’s extremely “sad for the person approaching.” You said you felt ”a bit sick,” are you sure it wasn’t the hangovers – quit the B.S Kate, you only felt “a bit sick” to jump on the bandwagon you cretin. You also said, “you laughed it off,” that’s the opposite of feeling sick you walking contradiction!

Thirdly; “something more insidious,” like what Kate – a conversation, an exchange of numbers or a date in a public place – that’s called dating you fruitcake! You wrote about “times” this happened, meaning more than once and nothing “insidious” ever occurred, could it be you’re adding to the BBC Panorama hype with your feminazi drivel and it was actually never “insidious” ever?!

Following are the links to testimonials from women who welcome the confident male approach to face to face dating;







Poison spreading Kate continued; “what’s scary is the worldview courses paint for vulnerable men. Street Attraction is marketed as, learn to meet and attract beautiful women….they might stumble across it because they’re lonely and looking for dating tips.” This is hilarious, you demonise men for being simply men throughout your whole article Kate and then try to get them on side by calling them “vulnerable.” They don’t “stumble across” anything, they actively seek out Street Attraction because they guarantee results (go online and read the testimonials).

The men who “enthusiastically participated” include a doctor, a navy seal, a chef, computer programmer and software engineer. These are respected professionals, a lot more respected than a slimy weasel failed BBC Scotland reporter bum. What your saying is this group of respected professional men, who want to meet attractive females had the courage to strike up conversations with them in extremely busy, well-populated public areas with CCTV cameras. Now untangle your knickers like a good little gender-neutral boy/girl.

Feminazi Kate continued; “even scarier than the worldview is it’s so convincing that hundreds of thousands of men are buying into it.” It’s because it works you absolute imbecile. What do you suggest Kate? Tinder? POF? That’s more weird than a face to face flirty chat during the day!

Following are links to testimonials from men who have benefited from coaching and are now in healthy relationships because they learnt ”how to meet and attract beautiful women.”

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Football Referee in Australia With His Dating Life – http://redpillrights.com/glasgow-dating-coach-adnan-ahmed-a-k-a-addy-agame-helps-football-referee-in-australia-with-his-dating-life/

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Personal Trainer in London With His Dating Life – http://redpillrights.com/glasgow-dating-coach-adnan-ahmed-a-k-a-addy-agame-helps-personal-trainer-in-london-with-his-dating-life/

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Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Video Editor in Spain – http://redpillrights.com/glasgow-dating-coach-adnan-ahmed-a-k-a-addy-agame-helps-video-editor-in-spain/

Glasgow Dating Coach Addy Agame Helps Marketing Expert in Glasgow – http://redpillrights.com/glasgow-dating-coach-adnan-ahmed-a-k-a-addy-agame-helps-marketing-expert-in-glasgow/

Lying alarmist Kate made her stupidest statement in her crap article by stating; “what they’re actually sold is incellite thinking.” Yes, Kate actually sank to her lowest depth in the gutter with this slimy false info bullsh*t! Incel stands for involuntary celibate, a woman hater/ fearer, that is because the incel is unable to have sexual relations with women due to social awkwardness and a lack of understanding of the opposite sex. By the way Kate – P.U.As, MGTOWs and incels don’t get along or share the same views. The majority of all three groups are not even Red Pill, do your research before you write your moronic inaccurate articles.

Slimy reptile Kate continued; “they could come away from channels or courses thinking the only reason women don’t want to have sex is we’re worried about our reputation and all they need to do is play the game and we’ll be up for it – who cares if that’s not what we’re saying, we want them to push our boundaries.” This disgusting sarcasm (lowest form of wit) is sickening. Why would you imply rape or force Kate?! As highlighted before, never in history has there ever been a PUA related rape or sexual assault case or conviction! You don’t have any integrity or honour do you Kate – you even imply non-consensual sex, you horrible troll like creature, it’s disgusting to accuse anyone of non-consensual sex Kate, you should be ashamed of yourself!

In reality no coach has ever used these terms, this just further highlight Kate’s incompetence in actually understanding the context.. The context in which “LMR ” is explained is when a woman is playfully playing cat and mouse for the thrill after giving full consent, it’s a role play situation, nothing is ever forced!  Kate doesn’t get it and leaves out the role play aspect of it (both parties are in on it – not just the guy).

Rodent Kate Lloyd continued; “what does this say about our society? That’s a question the documentary doesn’t answer.” That’s because the documentary was part of a prejudicial smear campaign, it’s not designed to answer questions, just to create confusion about male and female dating through a demonising narrative, hence why you are confused. The people behind the documentary are the problem with Western society today. They show how radical feminazis and social justice terrorists are destroying it by censoring free speech and demonising men for being men – disguising the quest for superiority (via online shaming and bullying tactics) as a drive for equality. Read the following article Kate to get a breakdown on what this “says about our society,” we will answer that question without hesitation!


Dummy Kate continued; “thankfully it does cover legal changes which mean hopefully some pick-up behaviour will soon be illegal. In September one artist – Adnan Ahmed, who was secretly filming women in Glasgow – was found guilty on five charges of threatening and abusive behaviour.” Firstly the BBC Panorama sham flopumentary does not “cover legal changes making some PUA behaviour illegal.” Only in Scotland can an incident that is not a crime become one on the spot if deemed so in a court of law, it doesn’t even have to go through Parliament. This is not so in England, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, the US, etc – basically anywhere else in the civilised world! Secondly cowardly liar Kate implies Ahmed’s wrongful conviction had something to do with “secretly filming women,” none of the trumped up charges had anything to do with “filming,” he was found guilty for “flirting/chatting” with women, that’s it. Simply because of the hype created by a BBC Social 4 minute video defaming him going viral, no one else in the world faced any legal repercussions!

Adnan Ahmed has always maintained he is not a pick-up artist, he has always said he is a dating/ life coach. It is a sad state of affairs when people are unable to talk to each other face to face, confining society further into dating apps and social media. In this era it is more normal to troll pictures and profiles online, messaging desperately and projecting a false persona to lure others in; whereas starting a random conversation with someone you find attractive face to face during the day is considered not only abnormal, but also criminal. There is more danger involved in meeting someone online than there is in meeting them in person. Plus face to face dating is a much more human and much less time consuming process, that is if Police Scotland don’t arrest you first.

The police didn’t act because of online videos, they were aware of them for years, they crumbled because of media pressure because Police Scotland is a Mickey Mouse force of hick villagers. Come on Kate, you sleazy hack nitwit, can’t you see the ladies faces are blurred out, protecting their identity. Furthermore, you failed to mention it is a dating business, not a day out with friends. And what are they “unsuspecting” of? A fun conversation, ooohhh the controversy. Additionally, the foolish journo failed to report that the majority of videos on Ahmed’s dating site are from cities around the world, not Glasgow!

In reality Ahmed was wrongfully convicted by a biased jury who were influenced by an online social media campaign and horrible selective press reporting during every turn of his trial (by Scottish media scum). Even though it was clearly stated in court; “this is not a crime; being confident is not a crime, having a conversation is not a crime, witness is unreliable, asking someone out is not a crime, if you have any inclination of reasonable doubt – he’s innocent, people’s perspectives were skewed by how Ahmed was portrayed in a online/ media hate campaign.” Ahmed was actually wrongfully convicted of section 38 breach of the peace which is equivalent to raising one’s voice too loud outdoors, madness! Here’s how the jury process works in Scotland, there is no screening for racist, feminist, prejudice or psychiatric deficiencies (unlike the USA). 15 members of the public are selected at random and simply told, “don’t go on social media or media” without any enforcement or checks conducted during the trial.

Ahmed’s jury was made up of 9 females and 6 males (some of which were programmed by the media to hate him, some pudgy beta males and some angry overweight feminists), the wrongful non-majority “guilty” verdict will be appealed and overturned in the next few months as no crime was actually committed! Ahmed maintains his innocence, 13 charges were dropped before the biased jury got a chance to deliberate on them. Adnan Ahmed did not receive a fair trial and is not guilty of any criminal conduct!

The jury and accusers are asked to take an “oath to God ” to ensure an unbiased testimony, without individuals even being screened to see if they even believe in God (in an age of rampant atheist beliefs). It’s a ridiculous board-game style set-up, this is not justice, it’s a farce!

It is the aim of the clowns in the Scottish press to dehumanise Adnan Ahmed, objectify him, troll him and discredit his reputation to write scandalised, sensationalised lies as news stories. They did not write about his girlfriend and his mother being present to support him during the trial, as well as various male and female well-wishers and supporters dropping in and out during the proceedings. They did not report whole testimonials, only select words to demonise Ahmed further. The press even reported incidents Ahmed was found “not guilty” of after the trial finished. This is further grounds for him to sue for defamation!

Bottom feeder Lloyd continued; “criminal barrister Kate Parker, interviewed for the documentary, says some videos by PUAs could be charged under communications or miscommunications act.”  Both this barrister and reporter are idiots – as there were no “explicit videos,” no nudity and nothing pornographic – a black screen with a moaning noise is not “explicit footage.” We went to a higher ranked lawyer for a better factual opinion, a criminal advocate, Donna Armstrong.

Ahmed’s brilliant advocate Donna Armstrong also said of these incidents; “the witnesses admit the path to the train station can be walked in under 60 seconds. In our civilised society these girls are considered adults not children, you’ve seen my client talk to girls on video, it is consensual and the women involved gave positive responses, this is evidence of how his interactions are. This is the main route to the train station in Uddingston, not a secluded lane, it has fields of grass either side and the school happens to be right next to the train station. All sides have said it was during the day outside school hours. For talking sake, even if both these ladies had went on a date with him, this would be perfectly legal, this is not a crime, I implore you to find him not guilty!” Adnan Ahmed’s excellent lawyer Donna Armstrong described another witness to the court as “she is unreliable, on record she changed her story 3 times, you can’t trust the testimony she has given.”

Ahmed’s lawyer told the court of a third witness; “the messages are from one source, her! This is not a crime, my client is giving an honest testimony. Being confident is not a crime. You the jury must have felt somewhat uncomfortable and intimidated when selected to be jurors for this case, that doesn’t equate to a crime either. This is not the fault of my client, these are emotions felt by all people. This is not a court of morality, it’s a court of law, you may not like my client but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty. He did not intimidate anyone.” Lawyer Ms Armstrong also cross-examined this accuser stating, “there are messages missing from the feed, why did he respond “no joke” after initially sending “fun to meet you” without a response, it doesn’t make sense. You said in your statement, “is this a joke” now you’re saying it was in person and not over text?!” The witness twisted her face and scowled at the lawyer in response.

Unreliable falsifier Kate Lloyd continued; “all it takes is one case to set a precedent. Turns out, no really does mean no.” Actually Kate, that’s not quite right, anywhere else in the world except Scotland – where it turns out “NO” can mean anything they want it to because the Scottish legal system is a joke! Everyone else in the dating coach community faced no criminal investigation, huge nationwide media scandals or remand periods in custody because England and other Western democracies practice freedom of speech and saw the reality of the coaches videos being for teaching and business purposes. The same goes for the United States who host the biggest “pick-up” company in the world, RSD (Real Social Dynamics). Scotland on the other hand shows its backwards and aggressive feminist nature by actually hosting a criminal trial for men talking to women with romantic intentions, simply asking to exchange phone numbers. It is the first time this type of case has been brought into Scottish courts, which has baffled legal experts and is only taken place because of the way the media sensationalised the facts.

Adnan Ahmed has collaborated with London coaches such as Street Attraction and Tom Torero amongst others, as well as American dating coaches such as Mr Locario, Steve the Dean, Afi King, etc. Yet again, no one else in the dating industry has faced legal backlash because they are not based in Scotland. Agame mostly taught clients to visit Eastern Europe to meet women and said to not do so in the UK as the cultural climate was aggressive, radical and hateful towards men.

And again with the pitiful sarcastic implication of force or non-consent Kate – you are disgusting for suggesting this Kate. Let’s get one thing clear straight away. Adnan Ahmed has never been accused of rape, has never raped anyone, has never been charged with rape, nor has he ever promoted or been associated with “rape culture.” This is a disgusting accusation by hypocritical journalist Kate Lloyd. BBC The Social hounded the Glasgow dating coach for months, he reached out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man. Lloyd stated “YouTube terminated the channels of Addy Agame and Street Attraction,” there was no channel ever called “Addy Agame” this is the level of amateur journalism displayed by the low-lives at Refinery 29!

Wacko Kate continued; “YouTube removed hundreds of videos from accounts linked to them, impact could be big. PUAs build their reputations and are dependant on those videos.” This is rubbish, Street Attraction and DWLF channels were deleted, not others linked to them!  The so called BBC investigation was a total prejudicial one sided propaganda attack – not an investigation, (by weasel reporter Myles Bonnar to advance his failed career). 


YouTube removed videos because of pressure from the Scottish media in order to avoid bad publicity, not because these videos violated any YouTube rules on nudity or sexual conduct. Thousands of these channels still exist and the dating businesses are still functioning. Ahmed’s channel had been down since January 2019 through his own direction, not because it was deleted. None of Addy Agame’s videos violated any YouTube policies!

For Street Attraction there was no police investigation, no court cases, no more media, no hate campaign – because in England people don’t care, the media are actually concerned with real issues. However in Scotland, the small-minded, backwards, inbred media made a circus of a non issue and are trying to influence a court of law to convict and what to convict for – this is madness and a disgrace to Scotland. It just shows how far behind England Scotland’s media actually are, the difference is astonishing! Street Attraction’s videos were more “controversial” than Addy Agame’s (both are innocent of any wrongdoing) yet Addy is remanded in custody and going to court, whereas globally no one else faces any legal action. This shouldn’t even be entered into a court of law, it’s a waste of tax-payer’s money!

Childish faker Kate continued; “there are lots of copy cat fan accounts, in order for shutdown to be a game-changer, needs to be a wave of better control of gaming channels – pick-up sites need to be shut down.” Hound-dog Kate Lloyd should be put down for this article. There are no “copycat fan accounts,” check out multi-million dollar (and the most successful) pick-up company RSD – they are still thriving as are many more dating YouTube channels i.e. Locario, Steve The Dean, Afi King, Sam Overton, James Tusk, Everret Oveton, Alpha Male Strategies, etc, etc. Cringe worthy Kate uses her own embarassing slang of “gaming” yet again, it’s pathetic and laughable how Kate pretends to act like she knows what she’s talking about. And as far as “sites being put down,” both Street Attraction and Addy Agame’s DWLF Game dating websites are still up and running. Kate Lloyd’s whole article is just a quick slanderous toxic piece of trash.

Well-respected London dating coach Eddie Hitchens from Street Attraction stated; “everything was completely consensual, we actually help men, we help prevent rape culture to help prevent them getting involved in anything illegal or non-consensual.” Despite this true and honourable statement from Mr Hitchens, the BBC Panorama program reporter and beta-male creep (Myles Bonnar) still selectively edited out of context quotes to demonise Hitchens and his colleague Richard Hood – in order to sway public opinion towards negativity.

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