Carnell Alexander Faces Jail For Missing Child Support Payment For A Child That Is Not Even His

Carnell Alexander was told by the state in Detroit that if he did not pay child support for a child that wasn’t even his, he would go to jail. Carnell stated no matter what the state orders, he won’t pay child support for a child he doesn’t know and that DNA tests prove isn’t his.

His ex-girlfriend had a baby which she stated was his. She needed help providing for the child and in order for her to get welfare she had to name a father on paperwork. She named Carnell Alexander. Later the state conducted a paternity test against Carnell to collect money.

Carnell later found out he was’t the father but was still arrested for being a “deadbeat dad.” He stated “I haven’t even had a chance to speak to him except for one time when we took a DNA test.”

He is now expected to pay for child support or face time in prison. He continues to fight this! The justice system is designed to hinder men, this is yet another example!

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