May 23, 2020


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Cassie Jaye Quits Feminism For Male Rights Activism; After Making Movie Masterpiece “The Red Pill”

Cassie Jaye used to call herself a feminist, until she made a documentary about men’s rights activists.

Cassie initially adopted the feminist label when she was a teenager starting an acting career in LA and feeling upset by how some men treated her in Hollywood. She wanted to be an advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. But all that changed after she made her documentary; “The Red Pill.”

In the film, Cassie Jaye initially set out to expose men’s rights activists, who had been wrongfully criticised for providing a rhetorical basis for, and participating in, harassment campaigns against women. She stated; “I definitely thought they were women haters, and I was fearful to go and interview them in person.”

While meeting and interviewing members of men’s rights organisations, Cassie said she began to reassess her own assumptions saying; “I thought I was a sound-minded, empathetic, compassionate person but I did have the blinders on.” Jaye had spent a year interviewing men’s rights activists and feminists for her documentary, and by the end, she says she was surprised by how much hostility she had brought to the subject matter.

Cassie continued; “I began to realise that they do have legitimate issues that are under-addressed, not discussed by the mainstream.” She then pointed to stories and statistics she heard and male victims of domestic violence, male suicide rate and father’s rights as a key factor in changing her opinion.

She said; “When I looked at their words…they weren’t women bashing, they were not promoting violence against women, they were simply wanting to talk about men’s issues.” She continued; “I don’t want to take on a label and have that group speak for me, or me speak for that group.” She continues to fight for women’s rights and men’s rights.

Cassie Jaye continued; “you need to hold space in both your brain and your heart for caring about women’s issues as well as men’s issues. I think there is a compromise where we can fight for justice where no one is losing or becoming more discriminated against if we focus on one area … It’s just about justice and fairness,” she says.

“We all have people we love of the opposite gender, or race, or sexual orientation, or age … and I think we need to treat each other the way we want to be treated, and be understood, and have our intentions known and understood, and really be heard and not prejudged before really getting to know someone.”

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