CBS Reporter Lara Logan Talks the Truth About Corrupt Western Media

Lara Logan Speaks Her Truth

Former CBS reporter Lara Logan speaks the truth stating that the “mostly liberal” media have become more like “political activists” and “propagandists”.

The reporter left CBS news in 2018. She stated that while media had always been left-leaning, it had now abandoned any “pretence” to be objective and said she was probably committing “professional suicide” by airing her views on the matter. She expressed that people should “seek out” sites like the conservative Breitbart to understand the “other side” of events in the US.

As usual, mainstream journalists didn’t like the reporter’s assessment of the media landscape and were quick to remind everyone of her own professional failures. Although others weren’t as angered by the former reporter’s views, saying she was right to advise people to consider where they were getting their information from.

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