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Corrupt “Record View” (Daily Record) Westminster Drugs Policy Article Used As Associated Propaganda To Further Defame Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame

Cowardly Clown “Record View” Reporter Mashes 2 Articles Together That Are Totally Different In Order To Associate A Brown Man With UK Drug Culture (Another Example Of The Daily Record’s Entrenched Institutional Racism) 

Firstly, the disgraceful coward reporter who wrote the article was too afraid to put their name to it – probably because they didn’t want to be blasted by us (we’ve left links at the end of this article to the probable culprits). This Daily Record/ Record View article was supposed to be about “Westminster/ Scottish Government Drugs Policies,” however in the midst of this alarmist fake news trash, the bum journo has the sub-heading “jail is the right call,” referring to dating coach Adnan Ahmed. Sounds like a bitter Scottish press loser clutching onto some propaganda B.S because the tabloid vultures in Scotland were exposed as fraudulent as a result of this miscarriage of justice. Jail is completely the wrong call – as no recognised crime was committed, this case was decided by the media – which influenced the judge and the jury. Ahmed’s appeal is underway to overturn the corrupt verdict and to seek compensation for his wrongful conviction (the main reasons for this are the judges conduct/corruption and that there was no case/crime to answer in the first place).

The repulsive sleazy low-life reporter continued; “Addy Agame became notorious for harassing young women on the street in Glasgow.” This is slimy tabloid sensationalised garbage from a low intelligence moron Scottish journalist with excessive alcohol consumption and a compulsive lying writing style. Ahmed successfully dated hundreds of women all over the world, none of which ever complained about “harassment” of any kind. Addy is “notorious” for helping men become better human beings and leading happier more fulfilled lives! The toilet news rag made up fake charges of “harassing girls.” Typical tabloid trash. Addy Agame faced no charges of “harassing” anyone, he will sue the hounds in the news for targeting him with their lies and filth!

The creep from Record View continued; “self-styled pick-up artist even targeted school girls for his repulsive and sleazy behaviour, which he recorded and put online.” Aside from clear grammatical errors that don’t read correctly, this is why the Scottish media can’t be trusted; Ahmed only spoke to females above the consensual age of adult sex in the UK, no children were ever involved! However the media imply this without saying the age – also the 2 females (16 and 17) the reporter talking about were not “recorded” or “put online.”

Addy Agame was remanded for 9 months and is already in jail, he’s been wrongfully convicted. Addy wasn’t accused of “targeting” anyone, the “schoolgirls” the reporter weirdly talks about were young adults over the age of sexual consent in the UK and the supposed incidents were not said to have taken place in Glasgow. The reporter continued; “Adnan Ahmed faces jail for his repulsive and sleazy behaviour.” Ahmed’s antics were normal YouTube protocol, hundreds of individuals around the world run online dating businesses. “Targeting” is another saucy word in the reporter’s limited vocabulary that we must define. “Targeting” for what? Conversations on the street in the middle of the day with thousands of people around. If someone was “targeting” people, we imagine they would do so with no witnesses around in a hidden manner. Filming on public property is 100% legal, however scumbag hypocrite reporters  secretly film people for career advancement on a daily basis!

Adnan Ahmed has always maintained he is not a pick-up artist, he has always said he is a dating/ life coach. It is a sad state of affairs when people are unable to talk to each other face to face, confining society further into dating apps and social media. In this era it is more normal to troll pictures and profiles online, messaging desperately and projecting a false persona to lure others in; whereas starting a random conversation with someone you find attractive face to face during the day is considered not only abnormal, but also criminal. There is more danger involved in meeting someone online than there is in meeting them in person. Plus face to face dating is a much more human and much less time consuming process, that is if Police Scotland don’t arrest you first.

The cowardly hidden identity hack continued; “Ahmed appearing in one of his disgraceful online videos.” The only thing “disgraceful” is the disgusting antics of the slimy mind-control newspaper, The Daily Record and the low-life reporters it employs to poison the public’s minds and influence their perspectives to push their alarmist, fear and scandal agenda!

The obvious problem with Scottish reporters and press is that they are trained to be deceitful and to sensationalise the truth by reporting inaccurate falsehoods that allow them to just about get away with telling lies because of how the misinformation is presented to simply imply something false as true. These reporters are a ghost online – no Twitter, no social media, no pictures. One may think (for an everyday person) this lack of online presence is admirable, but for a sneaky Scottish reporter it is a tactic used to be a creepy stalker and to attack others, whilst keeping their filthy laundry private!

What dating coach Addy taught clumsy social misfits  is that they can learn to perceive things differently, to cut through illusions of the mind/ PC society that they believe or fear, to stop seeing imaginary problems and to learn to focus on the reality of male-female dynamics. Too often clients react emotionally, get despondent and lose perspective. Their negative perceptions invade their minds and throw off their emotional compass, resulting in social anxiety. Dating is taught as a science and an art. Human brains evolved for an environment very different from the one we currently inhabit, resulting in people carrying biological baggage (as social justice ideologies clash with basic human instincts.) Humans are still primed to detect threats/ dangers that no longer exist, i.e. stress of  rejection or the fight-or-flight response men experience when talking to a female. Addy taught that men have a choice in how they respond to this situation; to not be led by primal feelings, to understand them and learn how to filer them in order to be attractive to the opposite sex (its not trickery, it’s science and art).

Bitter reporters hate men who have honed the ability to control, channel and understand primal signals because they can’t access that part of themselves; they are a slave to their impulses, instincts, social justice conditioning and need for approval- they’ve never even questioned why they are the way they are! If the BBC Social video or Panorama/ Disclosure flop-umentary was even slightly accurate; it would have shown how Addy and Street Attraction turn seduction into an education, skill-set and success with women. Many men from all backgrounds testify online on how they learned to control emotions, to have a positive outlook, to overcome anxiety/ depression, to enjoy the present moment and to handle situations that disturb/ limit others. Women benefit from this also, they can have healthy relationships (whether short-term or long-term) with men you have their shit together!

The reporter blabbered on;m“Ahmed was found guilty at court for acting in a threatening and abusive manner that could cause a  reasonable person fear or alarm.” In reality Ahmed was wrongfully convicted by a biased jury who were influenced by an online social media campaign and horrible selective press reporting during every turn of his trial (by Scottish media scum). Even though it was clearly stated in court; “this is not a crime; being confident is not a crime, having a conversation is not a crime, witness is unreliable, asking someone out is not a crime, if you have any inclination of reasonable doubt – he’s innocent, people’s perspectives were  skewed by how Ahmed was portrayed in a online/ media hate campaign.” Ahmed was actually wrongfully convicted of section 38 breach of the peace which is equivalent to raising one’s voice too loud outdoors, madness! Here’s how the jury process works in Scotland, there is no screening for racist, feminist, prejudice or psychiatric deficiencies (unlike the USA). 15 members of the public are selected at random and simply told, “don’t go on social media or media” without any enforcement or checks conducted during the trial. Ahmed’s jury was made up of 9 females and 6 males (some of which were programmed by the media to hate him, some pudgy beta males and some angry overweight feminists), the wrongful non-majority “guilty” verdict will be appealed and overturned in the next few months as no crime was actually committed! Ahmed maintains his innocence, 13 charges were dropped before the biased jury got a chance to deliberate on them. Adnan Ahmed did not receive a fair trial and is not guilty of any criminal conduct!

The jury and accusers are asked to take an “oath to God” to ensure an unbiased testimony, without individuals even being screened to see if they even believe in God (in an age of rampant atheist beliefs). It’s a ridiculous board-game style set-up, this is not justice, it’s a farce!

It is the aim of the clowns in the Scottish press to dehumanise Adnan Ahmed, objectify him, troll him and discredit his reputation to write scandalised, sensationalised lies as news stories. They did not write about his girlfriend and his mother being present to support him during the trial, as well as various male and female well-wishers and supporters dropping in and out during the proceedings. They did not report whole testimonials, only select words to demonise Ahmed further. The press even reported incidents Ahmed was found “not guilty” of after the trial finished. This is further grounds for him to sue for defamation!

The sickening journalist creep continued; “prison can sometimes be the wrong punishment, but a custodial sentence was the correct call.” This is when it is clear a country’s press is in decline – when slimy journalists think they are legal experts. Numerous actual legal experts in Scotland stated that what Ahmed was charged with was not even a recognised crime in Scotland and he was only prosecuted because of media pressure. Hence why the appeal to overturn the convictions/ verdict has “no case/crime to answer” as one of the main reasons. The appeal also states a miscarriage of justice was carried out because of the corrupt conduct of the trial judge, corrupt police investigation techniques as well as Ahmed not getting a fair trial. Simply branding innocent behaviour as ‘breach of the peace’ is not justice. A custodial sentence was completely the wrong call as no crimes even took place.

The real criminals are the journalists like this one in the Scottish media pushing racist/ sexist left-wing agendas to demonise people before they have even been tried in a court of law; in order to influence perception so deeply through sleazy news articles it virtually guarantees a guilty verdict (even if no crime was committed)!  Where is the ethics of justice in that, nowhere! These slimy journalists are seething because in Ahmed’s case, they are being exposed for the snakes that they are!

The scumbag reporter continued; “Ahmed’s behaviour, according to a social worker, was entrenched and it is clear he has no respect for women.” We at Red Pill Rights can exclusively reveal that the social worker who wrote the report for the court stating this stupid claim was immediately removed from Ahmed’s case for unprofessional conduct (i.e. making up statements from opinion that were heavily media influenced and not based on fact!). The social worker was sacked from Ahmed’s case because her inaccurate media bias “entrenched” views were not based on reality, plus her language and conduct during Ahmed’s social work reports breached professional protocol. Ahmed made an official complaint to the relevant social work complaints department and is planning civil legal action against this social worker.

As far as the claim made by this mentally unstable reporter stating, “clear he has no respect for women,” are people not to be respected for their character and actions, rather than for just having a vagina as a default for respect. Not all women deserve respect. Respect is earned by people for their characteristics, not because of their gender you idiot! This social worker belongs to a group of insecure women who are mad at men because inwardly they are mad at themselves for letting themselves down. Her self-loathing and victim mentality is disguised as empowered justice and women’s rights; which is used to hurt any and every man who doesn’t follow the ideal that all women should be worshipped regardless of them being aggressive, mean, criminal or even fat. All human beings have the choice of who they want to be with and who they find attractive. Trying to brainwash men into accepting mean women or big women as a sexual preference, even if they don’t want to is actual forced oppression.

The low IQ moron reporter continued; “hope this appalling case leads to a sea change in attitudes.” They meant to write “sea of change,” yep this gives you a further idea of how incompetent the idiot, who wrote this crap article is. The main thing “appalling” about the case is it was a total miscarriage of justice that made it into a court of law in the first place because of media hype, in a country where laws can be made up on the spot in a court of law to suit media pressure. Scotland is a crap version of England, it always has been and always will be. Scotland’s press, legislation, courts, judges, social workers, women’s rights groups, politicians, government, prisons, police force; even it’s sports leagues are a 2nd rate flimsy replica of England – it’s like kids playing make-believe winging it to be like the bigger, cooler kids. No one else in the world was prosecuted for simply flirting with women to teach dating like Addy was. Instead people ridiculed the Scottish press and legal system for doing so!

Again no one faced any legal repercussions whatsoever. They faced no criminal investigation, huge nationwide media scandals or periods in custody because England practise freedom of speech and saw the reality of their videos being for teaching and business purposes. The same goes for the United States who host the biggest “pick-up” company in the world, RSD (Real Social Dynamics). Scotland on the other hand shows it’s backwards and aggressive feminist nature by actually hosting a criminal trial for men talking to women with romantic intentions, simply asking to exchange phone numbers. It is the first time this type of case has been brought into Scottish courts, which has baffled legal experts and is only taking place because of media sensationalism.

Adnan Ahmed has collaborated with London coaches such as Street Attraction and Tom Torero amongst others, as well as American dating coaches such as Mr Locario, Steve the Dean, Afi King, etc. Yet again, no one else in the dating industry has faced legal backlash because they are not based in Scotland.

The imbecile journo continued; “wolf-whistling women as they walk down the street may have been considered a laugh in the 1980s, such sexism has no place in modern society.” No one did this, this is a plain lie and defamation of character, this idiot reporter needs to be fired! Ahmed didn’t partake in the cowardly act of “wolf-whistling,” he talked to women face to face in a fun calibrated manner, check out the links below for actual accounts from women he interacted with;

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The lowlife sexist reporter continued; “women deserve to go about their daily business without being harassed or feeling awkward,” this is an absolute lie, Addy was not found guilty of “harassing” anyone, there were no charges of “harassing” even lodged against him. This is another reason to sue racist publication The Daily Record for defamation!

The sad weirdo Record View hack ended the trash article by stating; “good day for justice when low lifes like Ahmed see the inside of a prison cell.” It’s a total miscarriage of justice you sick bottom-feeding pig. A good day for justice will be when Ahmed wins his appeal overturning his wrongful conviction and then sues the shit out of seedy news rags like The Daily Record, making a public mockery of them, as well as the amateur bums who write poison-filled fake news articles!

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