Desperate Clout Chasing Thot Luisa Kremleva Falsely Accused Male Football Star Of Rape (He Was Eventually Proven Innocent & She Faced Minimum Legal Consequences As Usual)

Desperate clout chasing thot Luisa Kremleva made up the rape lie back when Theo Hernandez moved to Real Madrid. She wanted to blackmail the player, saying he sexually abused her during a night out. Three years later, the authorities arrested Kremleva for making the crime up. Further investigation showed that Hernandez did absolutely nothing wrong.

Feminist scammer Luisa Kremleva falsely accused the player of sexual abuse. She lied that the left-back raped her during a night out in a club in Marbella. Despite the outrage on social media, Theo did not suffer any serious problems with the law.

The court discovered her messaging Theo during the night when the alleged crime took place. She was repeatedly asking Hernandez whether he would come to her house. Also, the medical examination showed no signs of any unwanted actions to her.

Luisa Kremleva forged convincing images which showed bruises and blows she self-inflicted (as part of her plot)on her buttocks. She sent the images to a weekly Spanish feminist magazine called Interviu.

The Prosecutor’s Office wished to charge her with a prison sentence for inventing the violation.  After Luisa Kremleva accused Theo Hernandez of sexual assault, it was revealed she had reported three others for similar acts in the past. Yet she escaped once again with no jail time!

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