Mar 25, 2020


by: dexter


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Desperate Fear-Mongers At The BBC Have Their Funding Cut By UK Government; The BBC Then Used Scare Tactics Of Russian And Chinese Influence To Attempt To Get More Money

The BBC resorted to scare tactics in order to ward off any threat to their state funding. This time they took aim at China and Russia.

The BBC Chairman Sir David Cleminti stated; “The BBC’s main competitors are the well-funded, state-backed actors of Russia and China who see news as an extension of state influence and a tool for democratic disruption.” This is what the BBC actually do!

He then continued; “As a public service broadcaster, not a state broadcaster, it has been a beacon of journalistic impartiality and a lifeline for millions living in fear, uncertainty, or captive worldwide.” The BBC is a poisonous propaganda spreading machine that helps no-one!

The view expressed by the chairman is not the same as many people’s views in the UK as the BBC has been at the centre of it’s own scandals involving sexism, racism, how they treat staff, how the deal with pay between genders and the unfair demonisation of people who don’t agree with their political stance.

Although the chairman defends the company there are very few supporters of the BBC in the UK.

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