May 26, 2020


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Despite Scottish Feminist MP Natalie McGarry Pleading Guilty To Stealing Government Funds; She Is Released For A Re-Trial

Disgraced Scottish feminist MP Natalie McGarry plead guilty to stealing government funds. McGarry was jailed for 18 months in June after admitting two fraud charges. But the MP was freed on bail days later pending an appeal. The MP was then allowed to fight her conviction and could possibly be given a re-trial if she wins her appeal. This is not protocol in Scots law. If an individual pleads guilty to a crime then there are no grounds for appeal never mind a re-trial.

However because this person is a woman and an MP, Scotland have bent the law to suit the narrative. The Scottish Justice System is corrupt and has very different rules for women in general and in this case when they plead guilty. There is a clear double standard in Scottish law for men and women.

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