Dishonest Tory Annie Wells vs Innocent Upstanding Dating Coach Addy Agame

Annie Wells, a Tory spokeswoman, made the following comment about Adnan Ahmed even though the low-level Scottish Conservative Party member had no business getting involved with matters that did not concern her, Wells stated; “this man is clearly a despicable individual who displays a vile approach to women and a insulting view of men.” Annie Wells did not research anything about Adnan Ahmed, if she did she would clearly see Ahmed helps men become better human beings and that in turn has a positive effect on women.

Annie Wells is a vile human being. This is not the first time she has trash talked innocent people online, she has done so in such a frequent irresponsible manner that she fears for her safety as people wouldn’t stand for it and made online threats towards her. This is not professional conduct from a political figure, even a low status one like Wells. Annie Wells used the feminist card and reported this to the police, they ignored it. She was abused on Twitter, you would think Annie would relate to Adnan’s situation because he faced similar circumstances, instead she chose to slander him.

Annie Wells was excluded from Scottish Parliament and faced suspension after breaching the code of conduct because she undertook unprofessional actions in the attempt to gain political advantage. She did the exact same thing when she jumped her dirty dishonest self onto the Addy Agame’s media scandal set-up. Crooked clout-chasing vulture Wells was suspended from all parliamentary and committee meetings after uploading a complaint she falsely made, leaking an advance comment to the press on an unpublished equalities and human rights committee report on prisoner voting, again just to gain political advantage.

Annie Wells is a bum in the small world of Scottish politics, she is virtually an unknown to her peers and is only known for being a crooked corner-cutting, media attention hungry nobody. This is who the Scottish press chose to quote regarding Addy Agame. Wells is a shambles of a woman that deserves no respect. She can’t be taken seriously as her motives are to lie, cheat and make a fool of herself on social media. She is a mousy looking woman in her 50’s with a short boy haircut, glasses and big teeth – yet she acts like a child. Annie Wells should be fired and if she keeps up her misconduct it won’t be long before she is.

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