May 08, 2020


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Dr Imran Khan Falsely Accused Of Rape In Glasgow And Found Innocent

Doctor Imran Khan was very relieved and emotional as he was cleared of the false accusation of raping a lying medic after a night out. Innocent man Imran Khan was wrongfully charged with the fake rape of his lying fellow colleague in 2017 and was found innocent at Glasgow High Court in 2019.

The innocent father of three denied the fake rape accusation and said the woman had agreed to have sex with him. The 40 year old was found ‘not guilty’ following a trial in Glasgow because he was telling the truth and the false accuser female who made up the malicious accusation is a evil and vicious liar.

The pair had been on a night out and Dr Khan said the woman had told colleagues that they were going on a “hot date.” They later got a taxi to the woman’s flat where Imran Khan was falsely accused of pouncing on the woman, unzipping her jumpsuit and raping her. All these accusations were proven to be totally false in a court of law! Doctor Imran Khan was and is innocent of any and all wrongdoing!

He stated he was invited three times to the woman’s flat and everything was consensual. Dr Khan cried as the jury found him not guilty. The bias media outlets that reported this verdict left out the lying woman’s name and added very little detail to the articles they wrote about Doctor Imran Khan beating the false charges. However the scumbag Scottish press still demonised the innocent male doctor as if he was guilty (before and after the trial) despite his innocence being proven at Glasgow High Court!

The woman that falsely accused the good doctor should be named, shamed and jailed for the same length of time as her false accusation if it had been successful.

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