Sep 15, 2021


by: dexter


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Elderly Sex Worker Marries Her Dog After Hundreds Of Men Reject Her Due To Her Feminist Values

After spending her career selling naked pictures of her body in trashy tabloids and porn magazines, along with her empowered feminist attitude, Elizabeth Hoad found herself with a problem: she couldn’t find a man. She had 4 failed engagements and over 200 dates (those are the ones we know about, the numbers most likely 3 times higher). Hoad found herself all alone at age 49. This is totally her fault.

Elizabeth decided to marry her dog on British morning TV. The canine didn’t verbally consent, isn’t that coercion feminists? That poor dog doesn’t know what he’s been duped into, she’s in her 50s, they can’t have kids/pups and she is most likely plotting a divorce to benefit financially.

Oh well, hopefully the sex good!

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