Aug 21, 2021


by: dexter


Tags: Feminism, Melissa Ann Connelly, metoo


Categories: legal

Empowered Female Land Whale Liar, Melissa Ann Connelly, Caught Out By Police Making False Sexual Assault Allegations Against Random Innocent Man

Empowered female land whale liar, Melissa Ann Connelly, 38. of Denver, PA was charged with false reports to Law Enforcement Authorities after an investigation revealed she intentionally made false sex attack allegations to Police.

Chunky feminist Connelly reported to Police that a male attempted to sexually assault her outside her place of employment located in the 2400 block of North Reading Road.

An investigation was conducted where numerous individuals were interviewed.  False Accuser Connelly was re-interviewed and admitted making up the false allegation.  Typical libtard feminist western woman behaviour, men be wise and don’t date these privileged attention-seeking psychos!

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