Oct 29, 2021


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Entitled Feminist Murderer Penelope Jackson Jailed For 18 Years After Stabbing Her Husband To Death (Her Fellow Misandrists Have The Gall To Spin The Usual Mental Health / Coercion Narrative In The Killers Defence)

Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed David Jackson three times at their home after they argued during a meal to celebrate her birthday.

Mr Jackson, a retired lieutenant colonel, was first stabbed across the chest in a bedroom.

The 78-year-old was then stabbed twice more by his wife in the kitchen while he was on the phone to police calling for help.

The jury at Bristol Crown Court listened to a 999 call, where Mr Jackson could be heard screaming as a knife was driven into him.

Jackson then came onto the call and told the operator: “He’s in the kitchen bleeding to death, with any luck” – repeatedly acknowledging what she had done as she refused to give emergency aid.

When asked how many times she had stabbed him, she said once, before adding “then he said I wouldn’t do it again, so I did it twice more”.

Jackson also said she thought she’d stabbed her husband in the heart, but added: “Well, he hasn’t got one”.

Judge Martin Picton remarked that she hadn’t shown “a shed of remorse” following the attack or in court.

Sentencing her, he said: “You took the life of another human being. That is a terrible thing to do, and it represents a burden you and all the other family members will have to bear for the rest of their lives.

“Their memories of (David Jackson) will always be tarnished by the manner of his death and by the way you sought to portray him.”

The jury, made up of eight women and four men, found Penelope Jackson guilty on a majority verdict.

Read more; https://news.sky.com/story/penelope-jackson-woman-who-stabbed-husband-to-death-after-row-over-birthday-meal-found-guilty-of-murder-12444975

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