Aug 21, 2021


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Evil Feminist Witch Dannielle Weir Pleads Guilty To Making False Rape Accusation Against Innocent Male After Consensual One Night Stand And Loses Bid To Keep Her Identity Hidden

Evil feminist witch Dannielle Weir, who made a false rape claim has lost her bid for final name suppression, as a judge decided she should feel the “same sort of emotional outcomes” as her victim.

Dannielle Terese Weir, 28, was convicted of making a false statement to police after claiming she was pulled into a car and raped while walking home alone.

The scumbag applied for final name suppression, arguing publication could affect her family and her mental health.

But Judge David Ruth said the offending had undermined what real rape victims go through, and any hardship from being identified was the normal result of criminal offending.

Weir reported the rape and agreed to a medical examination, telling the doctor she had not had sex for about 10 days before the alleged attack, a police summary of facts said.

Weir described leaving a bar about midnight, and walking home along Weld St when a black Holden Commodore pulled up beside her.

She claimed a man opened the back door, pulled her into the back seat and raped her, while another man drove south. She said she was pushed out of the car near Hospital Rd.

Six investigators were put on the case, making extensive inquiries in the area.

But several people came forward saying Weir had consensual sex with a man on the night she falsely claimed she was raped, and lied about it to police, which Weir later admitted.

She must have known the medical examination would lead investigators to that man, police said.

Police said they had wasted “significant hours” on the investigation, and other “valid and legitimate” cases were put on hold.

Weir, also known as Dani Livingstone, admitted a charge of making a false rape complaint and appeared for sentencing at the Blenheim District Court.

Her lawyer Laurie Murdoch said Weir met with the man for a restorative justice meeting, promising not to seek final name suppression, which she back-tracked on after seeing a psychologist.

Judge Ruth said publication would “relieve the victim’s hardship” and clear his name after months of suspicion.

“He has had some threats because of the allegation against him, endangering his safety,” Judge Ruth said.

“This is a situation where a completely innocent person has had the suspicion of false charges on them. If some people hadn’t come forward in the investigation, we might be sitting in front of a jury right now.”

The false allegation added to the difficulties faced by genuine rape victims coming forward, he said.

“It undermines the whole process. People will point to you and say, ‘why should we take genuine victims seriously’ when there are cases like yours, when you put a man through severe hardship through some vindictiveness I can’t even fathom,” Judge Ruth said.

He accepted publication would affect Weir’s mental health, but said it was a normal consequence of offending, and not “extreme hardship”.

“Those same sort of emotional outcomes have been visited upon your victim,” Judge Ruth said.

“It may well be that there are repercussions for you and your family but I’m frankly of the view it would be quite irresponsible of me to suppress your name.”

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