Apr 17, 2021


by: dexter


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False Accuser Whale Dawn Diane Kinch Arrested After She Admitted She Made Fake Rape Allegations Against An Innocent Man

Another sexually unassailable rape fantasist is taken seriously when she makes a false rape report against an innocent man who dared to endure a romantic experience with her. As usual, something else is to blame for Dawn Diane Kinch’s desperate ploy for sexual relevance. The liar falsely reported to the Franklin Police Department that the man raped.

Consequently, a police investigation was launched against the man and he was interrogated over the matter. He admitted having sex with Dawn Diane Kinch but reiterated that it was consensual. The falsely accused man had some kind of previous relationship with her which did not seem to work, and he moved on. So bitter reject Dawn Diane Kinch made efforts to get him back and even went as far as trying to make him jealous of another man whom she claimed to have a new relationship with. When the stunt failed, she declared herself a fake victim of a “rape” that never happened.

Having obtained conflicting accounts of the reported incident, a Franklin Patrol Officer met with Dawn Diane Kinch and interviewed her about the false rape allegation.  Overweight liar Dawn Diane Kinch confessed that she had fabricated the rape and that “the sex was consensual”. The patrol officer obtained her confession in a written statement but did not arrest the false accuser whale! However shortly afterwards charges were filed against 34-year-old chubber on Misdemeanour Unsworn Falsification to Authorities, and Misdemeanour False Reporting – to Falsely Incriminate Another.

Chunky body-positive liar Dawn Diane Kinch was arraigned on the charges and issued a court date. She also provided a written statement acknowledging she had provided a false report of rape.

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