Jan 12, 2022


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Female Fraudster Angela Maria Diaz Imprisoned For 5 Years For Falsely Accusing Her Husband’s Ex Of Trying To Have Her Raped (She Also Faked A Pregnancy & Lied About Having Cancer)

Angela Maria Diaz informed the police that her husband’s ex-fiance was trying to have her raped via Craigslist. She told that she was allegedly stalking her and harassing her. As a result, her husband’s ex-fiancee was arrested and jailed for three months.

But in reality, no one was stalking her, she impersonated another woman and tried to have the ex imprisoned. When the truth came out, the husband was shocked, as it was not the only lie that she had fabricated, she lied about having cancer, she pretended to be an attorney, she faked a pregnancy, posted “rape fantasy ads” online, and even forged doctor’s notes.

Angela Maria Diaz, 32 pleaded guilty to multiple felony and misdemeanour charges and received a 5 year sentence in prison.

Angela Martin Diaz pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery and possession of a forged check worth over $950, she also pleaded guilty to one count of felony perjury and grand theft and misdemeanour charges of falsely reporting a crime to police and 21 counts of falsely reporting a crime to a police officer.

Diaz also pretended to be pregnant with twins during her relationship, she faked cervical cancer, she stole $2,000 from an employer, also pretended to be an attorney, she faked doctor notes to back her stories of cancer and being pregnant.

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