Jan 12, 2022


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Feminist Blogger Susan Shannon Ordered To Pay Army Colonel She Falsely Accused Of Rape $8.4million In Damages After Destroying His Reputation & Military Career

A jury ordered feminist blogger Susan Shannon to pay an Army colonel she falsely accused of rape a total of $8.4million in damages.

She said she waited three decades to come forward about her experience because of the army’s ‘code of silence’.

But Colonel Riggins, who vehemently denied the claims, said the ‘false’ allegations had cost him a sparkling military career.

The combat veteran from Alexandria had been on the cusp of being appointed to General, when Army leaders saw Shannon’s false rape allegation on her blog.

His promotion was snatched away and Riggins says his name was dragged through the mud after ‘Susan Shannon decided to play judge and jury on her own.’

The decorated colonel denied all claims: ‘I did not rape Susan Shannon. I did not sexually assault Susan Shannon. Every aspect of (her) story is verifiably false.’

The jury ordered Shannon to pay $3.4 million in compensatory damages for injury to his reputation and lost wages, and $5 million in punitive damages, ‘to make sure nothing like this will ever happen again,’

The clout chaser  made the claims on her blog following the announcement that Colonel Riggins had been nominated for General.