Dec 16, 2021


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Feminist Fugitive Saskia Hargrave Was Caught On The Run & Jailed For 26 Months For Falsely Accusing Innocent Disabled Man Of Fake Rape In Alleyway

Saskia Hargrave was convicted and jailed for 26 months in prison after she falsely claimed she had been raped on a night out in Blackpool.

Innocent victim Gary Williams, an epileptic man who previously survived serious injuries in a fire, was held in custody for 16 hours, during which he suffered a seizure brought on the stress.

He also had to have intimate evidence taken after Hargrave’s sickening false allegation that he had attacked her in an alleyway for 45 minutes.

He was on bail for six weeks and Preston Crown Court heard he had to go into hiding as the community learned of his arrest and felt afraid.

She even took police to an alley and was “crying and sobbing hysterically”.

Police became suspicious when Hargrave refused to be examined in a rape suite and then said the attack had taken place in a different location.

CCTV also showed her leaving the bar alone.

Police then arrested Hargrave.

She accepted she had fabricated the attack to gain the attention of another man.

The feminist was initially bailed (usual female privilege practised in the UK justice system) and fled.

After a police TV plea, she was found in east London.

Hargrave admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice and breach of bail.

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