Nov 14, 2021


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Feminist Media Outraged As All Boys Netball Team Easily Beat Entire Season Roster Of All Girls Division To Win State Title (The Boys Were Asked To Play By A Female Organiser In Order To Make Up Numbers)

The delusion of feminist thinking is exposed as stupidity once again by the facts of biology. Males are physically superior to females, they are not equal!

The Australian feminist media had a hilarious melt down as an all-boys netball team beat the entire roster of the all-girls division in Brisbane, earning them a state title.

The Queensland male under-17 team demolished their final all-girls side to get themselves the state championship title. The boys competed against the opposite sex because they were asked to do so by a female organiser because there weren’t enough numbers to make up an entirely new division.

The final came down to the lads versus the Bond University Bull Sharks, which they beat 46-12. Across the whole season, the boys were able to easily solidify an average winning margin of 29 goals.

However the male team was met with abuse following their win from the usual scumbags in the petty rumour spreading mainstream media as well as online white knight simps, delusional trolls, moronic feminists and woke virtue signalling idiots.

Netball Queensland has since made a statement to support their decision to allow an all-boys team to compete in a women’s league.

“This year, in an effort to showcase the talent in both female and male pathways we offered the Queensland Suns men’s team the opportunity to play in the Nissan State Titles having welcomed the Suns in an invitational capacity in 2020,” Netball Queensland CEO Catherine Clark said.

They continued: “Just as we have seen in New Zealand with the Cadbury Series, where the Silver Ferns play against the New Zealand Men’s Netball team, we are hopeful this will be the catalyst for a stand-alone men’s competition in 2022 and inspires more boys to get involved in netball.”

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