Apr 20, 2020


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Feminist Rosemary West – Female Sex Serial Killer

Rosemary West molested, murdered and mummified many women, including her own daughter and stepdaughter. Rosemary West became one half of a sexually sadistic murdering pair alongside her husband Fred West.

It was recorded that Rosemary as a young girl experimented with her sexuality by molesting her brothers, raping one when he was 12. She also later harassed boys in her village too. She met her husband Fred West at the age of 15 at a bus stop. Fred West was 27 years old and was looking for his stepdaughter.

The couple soon married and moved in together. Fred ended up going to prison for a time and while he was there, 17 year old Rosemary became responsible for his eight-year-old stepdaughter Charmaine and daughter Anne Marie. Rosemary grew to hate Fred’s step-daughter. The girl disappeared  soon after and it was often stated she had gone to live with her mother. Later the child’s mother came looking for her daughter and she went missing also.

The West’s home was one of the first serial killer dens to be dubbed a “House of Horrors,” as Rosemary and Fred West (once out of prison) took in renters they then raped and murdered. The children of the West family, including Rosemary West’s two biological daughters and one son, fared no better. They faced whippings, rapes and ultimately, murder, as well.

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