Florida Pregnant Woman Sells Positive Pregnancy Test To Allow Other Women To Trick Men

A pregnant woman in Florida was selling her positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist in order to help pay for her University fees. These tests allowed women to trick others into thinking they were pregnant. The pregnant woman stated she was earning up to £160 a day through her sale of positive tests and pee samples.

In her advert on Craigslist she was very clear in stating she did not care whether women were buying the tests to blackmail their partner. She stated; “very self explanatory, I am 3 months pregnant and I am providing a product in which the consumer is able to purchase a positive pregnancy test or urine for your own use. Whether you are using it for your own amusement, such as a prank, or to blackmail the CEO of wherever you are having an affair with I DON’T CARE AT ALL.”

She continued; “I will not overcharge for the urine test but I will not be low balled either. Do not contact me if you are going to be cheap and difficult.”

Read the full story here; https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2450415/mum-to-be-sells-positive-pregnancy-tests/

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