Footballer David Goodwillie Gets “Not Proven” Verdict For False Rape Accusation, But Bizarrely Loses Civil Case Due To Faulty Scottish Legal System

The Scottish Legal System Is A Farce, It Was Used For Both Goodwillie’s Criminal And Civil Case With Two Difference Outcomes!

A woman; Denise Clair was successful in suing David Goodwillie who was already cleared of raping her following a High Court trial. This is the first time in almost a century a woman has mounted a civil action in Scotland after an unsuccessful rape prosecution. The woman took action after the Crown had decided against prosecuting him.

Ms Clair, took her false allegation against Goodwillie further and the civil court in Scotland awarded her £100,000 in damages from him. This has now prompted many more women to go down the civil action route even after the accused has been found not guilty. Scotland is a horrid feminist state and is not a safe place for heterosexual men to reside in.

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