Jul 27, 2019


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Footballer Neymar Accused of Rape Charge In Brazil

The UK Media Reported It To Support Their Propaganda Mission Despite There Being No Evidence

A rape allegation against Brazilian soccer star, Neymar, has led his accuser being exposed.

In May 2019, 26 year old model Najila Trindade Mender de Souza accused Neymar of raping her in a Paris hotel room. She reported the rape two weeks after it supposedly occurred.

Neymar and Najila met through Instagram, one of the 10 most popular ways to meet in the world. Online flirting soon led to an invite from the player for the woman to come to Paris, all expenses paid. Both stated sex was the goal of the meeting rather than romance.

Najila says the pair “swapped caresses” but as things heated up she asked Neymar if he had a condom with him. When he said no she told him they would not be able to have sex. It is at this moment she claims the player became violent and raped her. She says she did not inform French authorities about what happened at the time because she was distraught.

Neymar says nothing of the kind occurred and that while the two did have sex it was consensual. His camp claims he is the victim of an extortion attempt, Najila’s first lawyer having arranged a meeting back in São Paulo before she went to the police in a bid to broker some sort of deal.

Just hours after the accusation became public knowledge, he appeared in a seven-minute video on his Instagram account giving his version of events. In it he showed parts of a WhatsApp conversation in which Najila flirted with him and sent a number of increasingly racy photos of herself.

President Jair Bolsonaro expressed his support for the player and visited him in hospital after he ruptured his ligaments. In congress a deputy from the president’s party proposed a new law to increase penalties against those making false sexual accusations.

These are women who claim they are feminists but in reality have no idea what feminism is. The mask has slipped.

Read the full article here: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/neymar-rape-accusation-no-metoo-moment-for-brazil-1.3924589

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