Oct 28, 2021


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Gender Justice Gap: Domestic Abuser / Only Fans Sex-Worker Genie Exum Gets Away With Knifing Her Boyfriend Via Matriarchal Court System That Unfairly Favours Women

Domestic abuser / Only Fans sex-worker Genie Exum was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend and previously clobbered her cousin so badly that she had to have her fingernail removed.

Genie Exum, 22, was freed without bail after police say she stabbed her boyfriend in the back and arm during an argument.

Previously Exum was living with cousin Jenna Marlowe, when she picked up a liquor bottle and hit Marlowe in the head with it, knocking her to the ground.

The source said Exum shouted: ‘I’m going to kill you. I’m going to rip your face off. You’ll never be nothing. You are never going to be anything in life.’

Exum and her cousin were reportedly arguing about bills. Neighbours called the police, who dropped the case after Marlowe declined to press charges.

Exum, an Only Fans sex-worker , was arrested on a felony charge of assault with a weapon in the altercation with her boyfriend, fellow model Francis Amor, 30, who is expected to survive.

Once free, she quickly returned to Instagram to share a clip of herself sitting and smirking during police questioning, in an apparent bid to gain support from her followers.

Following her arraignment, Exum was released without having to post bail, and rushed from Manhattan Criminal Court without answering questions from waiting reporters.

Soon after gaining her freedom, Exum posted an Instagram story that depicted a brief clip of her sitting next to an NYPD detective in a precinct house.

Exum smirked in the clip and appeared amused as she held up what appeared to be a piece of string, and paired the video with music from the Akon song ‘Locked Up’.

Exum captioned the video: ‘They took my phone y’all I’m on the trap [right now]’.

A ‘trap phone’ is slang for a prepaid cellphone, also known as a burner, colloquially associated with use in criminal enterprises to avoid detection.

It’s unclear what sparked the intense dispute between Exum and Armor, but police were called to the apartment where they both live in Hudson Yards at 6.45pm.

When cops arrived, Amor told them Exum had stabbed him in the arm and back with a kitchen knife.

He was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition and is expected to recover.

This wasn’t the first time Exum’s rage has sent someone to the hospital.

The violent domestic assault is a far cry from the fake loved-up and lustful couple the pair portray themselves as on social media.

Western matriarchal court systems continue to unashamedly discriminate against men on all fronts, criminal, civil and divorce / child custody.

Read more; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10118825/OnlyFans-model-accused-stabbing-boyfriend-previously-beat-cousin-liquor-bottle.html

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