Nov 23, 2019


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Gender Neutral Parenting Has Taken Gender Neutralism Too Far

Gender Neutral Children?! When Will The Craziness End

In today’s society new parents are now referring to the sex of their new baby as just “baby”, not a girl or boy. Parents are seriously considering bringing up their children as gender neutral. They stress this is to raise their children without the life-limiting shackles of being assigned a pink dolly or blue car at birth.

The idea of gender neutrality is an odd and worrying concept to many especially to those parents who have successfully raised their child as capable humans without worrying about this ideology. Gender neutrality can lead to extremes where children are not being told what sex they are and are unsure about their identity, banned from planning with toys they crave and only dressing in grey or khaki baby wear.

This issue has reached the celebrity world, many individuals in everyday life  look to celebrities for their ideologies. Singer Paloma Faith has said she will be raising her children as gender neutral. Additionally John Lewis has announced they will be dropping the labels of “boys” and “girls” in their children’s wear.

It is a very real issue and talked about extensively in the media as well as in programmes and documentaries. It promotes low self-esteem and confuses children who at a very young age already struggle with finding their identity without now feeling confused about their gender. A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl until they are of a reasonable age where they can make up their minds if they feel they are the wrong gender. Parents should celebrate their children not hinder them before they have even learnt to walk.

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