Nov 08, 2021


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Hip-Hop Legend Kanye West Correctly Exposes The #MeToo Movement As A Feminist Scam

Kanye West condemned the #metoo movement and defended the actions of ‘Donda’ collaborators DaBaby and Marilyn Manson.

This is Nineteen Eighty-Four mind control that we in – and mob mentality,” Ye said on a new episode of the Drink Champs podcast.

All the #metoo… like, when I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby right after both of them got cancelled, for five songs, you know… they’ll hit you with the accusations of somebody who you was with 10 years ago,” he said.

Ye continued: “And also, there are women who’ve been through really serious things, pulled in alleys against their will – that’s different than a hug, but it’s classified as the same thing. It’s power and politics. You know, power-hungry maniacs and just control.”

“They can’t cancel us all,” he told podcast hosts. West previously criticised the #metoo movement in his 2018 track ‘Yikes’, rapping: “Russell Simmons wanna pray for me too / I’ma pray for him ’cause he got MeToo’d”

The lyric was in defence of Def Jam’s Russell Simmons, who was previously falsely accused.

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