Huff Post Journalist Alan Grant Is A Cartoon Of Masculinity, The Self-Centred Pervert’s Existence Represents Everything That’s Wrong About Being A Man In The Modern Era. This Explains His Anger Towards Adnan Ahmed

Alan Grant Comes Across As A Modern Day Metro-Sexual Male Feminist, Wearing Man-Drag In The Hope To Gain Clout And Acceptance From Others.

Alan Grant is a box standard stereotype of weak western masculinity; soft, delusion, subservient, porn addicted and a compulsive masturbator.

Ignorant dismissive journalists like Alan Grant are simple minded. This is evident as he feebly attempts to simplify and condense scientific facts into his overblown, under-qualified and delusional perspective to justify his weird warped world view. His use of Americanisms such as “men be like that sometimes” to describe an entire culture shows his little man mentality, low self-esteem and need for acceptance from others. Huffpost UK and Alan Grant are everything that’s wrong with modern day journalism and masculinity. We need to expose the magnitude of ignorance and the problem we are dealing with in this “political correctness/social justice gone mad” era, championed by triggered beta male trolls such as Alan Grant and the slimy rats at Huffpost UK, dedicated to spreading lies online for a quick buck.

Grant begins his idiotic article by childishly saying “Glasgow has once again proven to be a poor hunting ground for P.U.A’s.” No Alan, it hasn’t. The journalist refers to Roosh V, who is not a pick up artist. Then Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy AGame, who has always insisted, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating/ life coach.” Glasgow’s contribution to anything ever in the grand scheme of things is the equivalent to a grain of sand in a desert.

Alan Grant attempts to get the village–like city on side and “rep” Glasgow, even though the majority of people there don’t care about P.U.A’s or the Manosphere, or for radical aggressive feminism for that matter. The average male’s mentality in Glasgow is very similar to the Manosphere, Glasgow has always been a hyper masculine city and always will be. The small minority of social justice cowards in the media and on TV that manage to hood-wink ignorant, low intelligence members of the public into believing their insecure propaganda/agenda are not a reflection of the city.

Grant would most likely be a misfit in the trendy nightlife spots in Glasgow, his awkward disposition in dating scenarios and romantic settings with beautiful young women explains his bitter article on macho confident young men such as Adnan Ahmed. He refers to the BBC The Social video (which spread lies and hostility towards this innocent man) as “excellent investigative reporting,” in reality it is mediocre, fabricated, shock-value fake news.

Attention seeking Alan Grant resorts to trademark beta male grovelling tactics to jump on the controversy bandwagon to help aid his sad lagging career.

He refers to Adnan Ahmed or “Addy Agame” as his YouTube followers know him, leading a group called DWLF. Social doormat Grant states the group’s initials stand for “Dicks Will Last Forever,” then says “sorry,” to add a sarcastic touch. Sarcasm is not only the lowest form of wit, but is also a clear sign of stupidity in this instance. DWLF actually stand for “Dreams Worth Living For,” as is stated on Ahmed’s website and business cards. Grant has penis subliminally on his mind as he accuses Ahmed of “shrivelling under the spotlight,” in fact, Ahmed maintains his position and stands erect (calm down Alan, we don’t mean what you want us to mean) in his views and position, stronger than ever.

Grant makes another feeble attempt at being humorous by saying “the women interested in talking to Ahmed in the near future will be police officers.” Ahmed is innocent, has been falsely accused, remains untried and has been held on remand for the last 7 months for no reason. His time in custody is due to soy boy journalists like Alan Grant scandalising normal male to female dating, in order to push their faulty hate agenda, along with his feminazi counterparts.

Red Pill Rights can confirm Ahmed’s biggest support has been from women, receiving daily emails and visits while in custody, again mostly from women. Ahmed’s stunning fiance and dedicated mother have stood by him 100%, they visit him on a daily basis; we checked the prison visit records and asked HMP Barlinnie staff to confirm this. Alan Grant is part of the group of angry beta males who find it difficult to get respect from people and thus bring down people who do so naturally. This is most probably due to Grant being extremely unsuccessful with women in a romantic context, he takes the stance of nerdy weirdo social justice warrior. It’s sickening, yet predictable cliched behaviour.

Grant accuses P.U.A’s of using “techniques to attract and have sex with women,” well, his kiss-ass tactics and male shaming are done for the same reason – to attract and have sex with women. P.U.A’s are not 100% reliable in their methods, some are absolute phonies, but most are more reliable than rat-bag reporters like Grant. In reality, everyone plays the “Game,” the rich guy, the club promoter, the P.U.A, the self-help guru, the bad-boy, the gym guy and even the angry beta males like Grant himself.

Alan Grant is yet another one of the numerous know-it-all beta males attempting to explain “Game” and the “RedPill” lifestyle/mentality. He tries the classic, “a reference to the matrix for waking-up and realising how the world really is,” Grant also states “it’s an odd mix of evangelism,” it’s not, Red Pill males don’t wish to convert or collect followers, it’s actually the opposite, they don’t want toxic clout-chasing glory hunting men in their vicinity i.e. validation starved journalists like Alan Grant. He also describes it as “bastardised Darwinian Theory and shallow self-help.” The jealousy spills out of Grant exposing him as once again being the unlucky with ladies type and thus mad at guys who are not. He’d rather shame others than face his own inadequacies – shame on you Alan!

Red Pill Theory is true Darwinism, a true reflection of male/ female dynamics, the animalistic, prehistoric, non-verbal language all human beings speak through their sub-communication. 80% of human communication is non-verbal, it is not the shallow, hollow, mind controlling, verbal diarrhoea mainstream media smears through it’s constant barrage of negative scandalised words; used to condition people’s minds into following their agenda, to prosper from fear, confusion and conflict. Grant is either blinded by the mainstream ideal or is part of the marketing machine. If he is blinded and hasn’t sold his soul for Z-list fame, he still has a chance for a better life and a more enlightened mindset. Alan Grant skimmed over some of the Manosphere with “how can I sell a story” media goggles and clearly knows nothing extensive about Darwinism. No doubt, there are some con-men, fools and dark impostors in the Manosphere – like in any walk of life or culture, but the majority see through the feminist bullshit that dominates western culture. Real Red Pill guys are consistent with each other, the multi-million pound self-help teachings of companies such as RSD (Real Social Dynamics) is the best in the business, besting even Tony Robbins. Adnan Ahmed’s teachings are of a similar nature to Owen Cook (aka RSD Tyler) and helps both men and women become better well-rounded confident people. The proof is evident through the countless accounts of online testimonials from people around the world who’s lives have improved for the better through the Red Pill.


Alan Grant’s reporting is an odd attempt at journalism – think of a pastiche of Patrick from Spongebob, Spongebob himself and a retarded version of Homer Simpson – though this is still giving Grant too much credit. Grant confesses to having “incel” tendencies. “Incels….of which I have some experience.” Incel stands for involuntary celibate, a woman hater/ fearer, that is because he is unable to have sexual relations with women due to social awkwardness and a lack of understanding of the opposite sex. Grant belongs to this utterly repugnant, coalition of chaps. His existence and opposition to the Manosphere as well as his allegiance to the mainstream media is a true failing of masculinity. Grant labels masculinity as “toxic,” this is also a stereotypical tell of a beta male who attempt to tactically trick women into bed, by pushing a metro-sexual version of masculinity with bi-sexual tendencies to impress their feminazi masters.

They despise feminine women nearly as much as a masculine man. This herd mentality is to protect them from reality (allowing them to dwell in their self-imposed comfort zone bubble) and simply because they don’t have the courage to stand up and be an authentic individual. This is the real problem with brain-washed men today, which is being addressed by P.U.A’s somewhat and more so by the Red Pill. By the way Alan – P.U.A’s, Mgtow’s and incels don’t get along or share the same views. The majority of all three groups are not even Red Pill, do your research before you write your moronic inaccurate articles. Alan Grant then states “as a fierce feminist pal of mine once put it, sexist men don’t give a fuck what women think.”

Wow! Grant comes across as a male feminist, thinking that if he kisses the chunky asses of toxic aggressive feminist nutters they will accept him (they will, as a lap-dog in the friend zone) and that they might sleep with him – no Alan, women see through this, especially the savvy sexy stunners who celebrate real femininity. Alan, you’ll never be more than a sexually frustrated “guy-adviser” who girls use for non-sexual favours and dump their boyfriend woes on (whilst they have sex with the macho guy and Grant is left masturbating his mangina).

Actual sexist men may be a small problem, however P.U.A’s and dating coaches are not at the core of sexism and the majority of them are not sexist. The real sexism problem comes from radical feminism, it’s all black and white with them ie. male = wrong, female = right. No one should get a pass just because of their gender, simply having a vagina doesn’t automatically warrant respect or absolve responsibility (and the same goes for having a penis). Real men don’t give a fuck what ignorant people think regardless of them being male or female.

However, to argue that the disease of the behaviour like that of Mr Grant, inexcusable as it is, is a symptom that is inherent in slimy journalists, is to be satisfied with a mere surface reading of the situation – it is insufficient for such a serious problem. Blaming feminism and the mainstream media is not good enough. This hatred for male human beings has to be addressed on a societal and government level. The UK could learn a lot from Russia’s culture – where men and women are celebrated equally for their specific natural gifts, unlike the UK which allows a radical bunch of overweight angry, spoiled women and spineless beta-males to use feminism as a superiority tactic, blaming men for all their misgivings, rather than taking responsibility for themselves.

Grant is a caricature of masculinity, he doesn’t know how masculinity exists in real life. Alan Grant thinks he knows masculinity, but real men are not snivelling little toads that bitch about other men online and in newspapers, hiding behind the guise of journalism. Alan Grant feels compelled to write about Adnan Ahmed because he secretly wants to be like him, but is too scared to express himself honestly. Ahmed is real, raw, speaks well, presents with style and his Red Pill approach to “Game” shines like a beacon of masculinity; compared to Grant’s bitter speech, cowardly presentation style and non-approach to “Game,” which stinks of a cartoon of a male feminazi. Grant is similar to a bad drag king, hating Ahmed because he is like the cool boys who made fun of Grant in High School.

Grant goes onto say “Ahmed’s characteristics don’t resemble how most men act in our day-to-day lives.” Alan, you live in tiny Scotland, you don’t know how most men in the whole wide world act in their day-to-day lives. Your social circle consists of sluggish dumbed-down weasels like yourself. Go to Eastern Europe, to the Middle East, to Africa, to Asia – most men don’t act like you. Grant obliviously communicates in true colonial white British fashion, he feels he is more civilised than the rest of the “savages” around the world, because he is from Glasgow. Built-in racism is another idiosyncrasy within western beta males and feminists.

In effect; journalists, feminists and the men who adhere to think like Grant are in fact the one’s wearing man-drag. Their delusional quest for supremacy is cartoonish, ignorantly selfish, a tad bit racist, clearly separatist and ultimately fascist.

Grant continues with his homo-erotic fantasy language, referring yet again to “man-drag,” he states “why do men begin wearing man-drag rather than embracing real-life aspects of masculinity practised by the vast majority of blokes such as patience, restraint, respect, consideration…” who is this vast majority of blokes? Look around little ole Scotland, if men acted like that, the country would be in a good place. It’s not, in fact, most men in Scotland are impatient, scattered, rude and ignorant. This is the fault of radical feminist society, the majority of blokes are not at fault. Grant himself comes across as a condescending sleaze ball with hatred sweating out of his dirty pores, trying to paint a picture of fake aspects that are actually lacking in the majority of men in Britain.

Ahmed actually taught men self-expression, patience, confidence, respect, consideration of others as well as freedom from mental restraints. If Grant bothered to actually research what Adnan Ahmed was really about as a teacher he would have wrote a different article.

Grant wrote “men learn from watching and emulating our seniors.” However these days those seniors are being demonised by crazies as having outdated views, that is if they are not already locked away for “historic crimes” against women, that may or may not have happened. Giving supposed victims up to £20,000 compensation and having no legal punishment in place if accusers are found to be lying, gives incentive to head cases to run riot. This is modern feminism’s doing.

Men simply don’t have a right of passage into manhood in this era, Ahmed provided that. Most modern day role models are A-sexual men with no backbone and a level of indecisiveness that is stomach turning ie. Grant. We need strong men like Adnan Ahmed to help the future generation of men.

Grant desperately says he wants someone to “follow” as he puts it in his article, another classic sign of beta male fear. This lack of leadership qualities in Alan Grant is why men need the Red Pill.

Grant admits” there is a vacuum of positive male role models,” contradicting his earlier statement regarding the “majority of modern blokes.” Yes Alan, it’s because all the men you’re emulating think like you. Hence why you act horribly and why most men these days are afraid, lost and confused by western feminist society. Lose your “close feminist pals” Grant and grow some big boy balls. Alan Grant could learn a great deal from Adnan Ahmed but his ego and fear won’t allow him to.

Grant again asks “where he should look for positive male role models.” It’s clear Alan Grant isn’t one, revealingly he doesn’t even mention himself as an example of positive masculinity in his own article. It’s probably because of all the skeletons in his closet (not just the homo-erotic subliminal and penis references throughout his article, instead his internet porn history). His twisted hatred of real masculinity and his attempts at intelligence are fogged by bitter jealousy of bigger men, showing Grant’s obvious faults and need for growth via the Red Pill.

Reporter Grant then suggests looking to Andy Murray, in true male cheerleader fan-boy fashion. He says he’s being a parochial Scotsman, OK Alan, so – Andy Murray, Scottish White Man = Good, Adnan Ahmed, Scottish Brown Man = Bad, hmm, typical in-built programmed racism once again, buried deep in the psyche of most entitled spoiled British people, even those of colour. This is a key feature in modern radical feminist brain-washing today as the #metoo movement is mostly championed by spoiled bratty white women.

Andy Murray is a decent squeaky-clean role model, despite Grant’s man-crush on him. However, if Murray wasn’t a star athlete he would be a flop with the ladies. Andy Murray, though very likeable, has a weak communication style, apologetic non-manly demeanour similar to, a Hugh Grant character and a typical ignorant Scottish prejudice/ inferiority complex towards the English. Examples of positive Scottish masculinity are Sean Connery and Billy Connolly – who shone way before the feminazi culture we have now; and of course, Adnan Ahmed. On a global level, Jordan Peterson and Rollo Tomassi are great role models. .

Fan-boy Grant creepily implores men to look to Andy Murray and turn away from Adnan Ahmed in terms of role models for masculinity. This is bad advice. Grant again admits men need a role model more so now than ever, but again fails to see the link between western men becoming increasingly lost and the rise in radical feminism in the west. Western men need the Red Pill.

Andy Murray’s blueprint of masculinity applies to privileged tennis and sports stars. Adnan Ahmed teaches everyday men from all walks of life, realistic masculinity that puts them in the same frame as athletes and movie stars by giving them access to the same quality of women and more so to a peace of mind that money and fame can’t buy.

If more men look to Adnan Ahmed as a role model, perhaps we can emerge with a generation of men whose masculinity is a source of pride for us all.

Our next blog provides a statement by Adnan Ahmed: