Jun 15, 2020


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Hundreds Of Fake Crimes Recorded Under New Scottish Abuse Laws, Unfairly Target Men

Police Scotland Manufacture Insane Coercive Control Laws To Discriminate Against Men 

More than 400 crimes were recorded by Police Scotland within the first three months of new domestic abuse laws being introduced. The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act criminalises the “coercive and controlling behaviours” of offenders and created a single offence, carrying a minimum 14-year sentence; covering psychological, financial or sexual abuse.

In August 2019, 190 cases have been reported to the Crown Office which resulted in only 13 convictions. Police Scotland stated; “Police Scotland is now able to tackle the full range of abusive behaviours used by perpetrators to protect those they seek to abuse.”

The BBC typically only spoke to the Scottish Women’s Aid to get their opinion on the new legislation. They stated they were, “happy to hear some encouraging reports.” However, men’s aid groups were not contacted about the new legislation at all.

Read the full story here; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-49374667

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