Jun 18, 2021


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Indian Feminist Jyoti Joshi Gets 6 Years In Jail For Perjury After Making False Claims In Court In Order To Cheat More Maintenance Payments From Her Ex-Husband

Indian feminist Jyoti Joshi married Yogesh Joshiin 1987 and the couple lived in Chalala town in Ahmedabad. After things went sour between the couple, the greedy wife approached court in the year 2003 and secured Rs 1,100, the maintenance was later increased to Rs 2,000.

In the year 2007, the gold digger woman once again filed for even more maintenance amounting to Rs 6,000, claiming that her husband was an accountant. To demonstrate why she needed this the fraudster Jyoti falsely claimed she was pressed for money because she was paying rent to her aunt. However, seven months before her succeeding in cheating to get Rs 6000 in the year 2013, her ex husband complained to the court that his estranged wife was lying under oath.

After verification the judge found the husband’s claim to be true. The judge then ordered the court registrar to file a case against Jyoti under sections 193, 199 and 200 of IPC for making false statements and giving false evidence. The court concluded that the scammer wife was indeed guilty as she was not paying any rent to her aunt since the aunt never owned any property.

She was rightly sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for supplying false evidence in court and for giving a false statement in declaration. Every feminist and female false accuser in India and the world over should be given similar harsh sentences for perjury – however in India there seems to be just as big of an epidemic as in the west with this type of liberal female deception.

Read more; https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/woman-gets-6-years-in-jail-for-perjury/articleshow/74051352.cms

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