Jun 19, 2020


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Jealous Insecure Overweight Feminists Attempt To Shut Down Miss World Competition

Many feminists have criticised the Miss World competition stating that it is outdated and not a good representation of real women. However the 2019 winner Miss Jamaica; Toni-Ann Singh fought back stating the competition is more than just beauty. She said the “biggest part of the competition” is the charity work done by winners of the beauty pageant.

She continued; “As somebody that has first-hand experience (of Miss World), the biggest part of the competition is, Beauty With A Purpose, to get things done. I understand there’s criticism, and I’m willing to have a conversation with anyone who would like to.” The real reason feminists want to shut it down is because they are jealous, insecure, overweight and not as attractive. Read our body shaming article below for a full explanation;

“Body-Shaming” Is Tactical Terminology For Unattractive Women To Force Men To Find Them Attractive

Read the full story here; https://news.sky.com/story/miss-world-2019-newly-crowned-winner-says-contest-is-about-more-than-beauty-11887054

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