Jun 03, 2022


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Johnny Depp Defeats #MeToo Movement By Winning Defamation Case Against False Accuser Amber Heard (Proving His Innocent, Whilst Pocketing $15Million In Compensation)

Johnny Depp won his multimillion-dollar US lawsuit against false accuser and former wife Amber Heard after a Virginia jury ruled in his favour. Depp single handedly defeated the evil clout chasing #MeToo movement.

Depp said he was “truly humbled” by the jury’s verdict, saying the allegations had a “seismic impact” on his life and career.

“From the very beginning, the goal of bringing this case was to reveal the truth, regardless of the outcome,” he said.

“Speaking the truth was something that I owed to my children and to all those who have remained steadfast in their support of me.

“I feel at peace knowing I have finally accomplished that.”

Depp had rightly sued Heard for $50m (£38.2m) over a first-person article published in The Washington Post in December 2018, in which Heard falsely referred to herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse”.

Following the verdict, Depp’s lawyers gave a brief statement outside the court in Fairfax, Virginia.

They said Heard’s claims were clearly “defamatory and not supported by any evidence” and that they were “so grateful to the jury for their careful deliberations”.

They added they were “truly honoured” to work with Depp on the case and that it was “now time to turn the page and look to the future”.

A financial expert estimated Depp had suffered lost earnings of about $40m as a result of Heard’s false allegations and plenty of his security guards and staff members corroborated his claims that on occasions, his ex-wife was violent towards him.

Depp told the jury he is obsessed with the truth and stated it was he who was the victim of domestic abuse during his relationship with Heard, not the other way round. He called his ex-wife’s allegations against him “heinous and disturbing”, saying they had “permeated” the entertainment industry and that he hoped the trial would clear his name.

And he did just that, well done Johnny!

Watch for more info; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJjpaK00wTA

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