Jul 01, 2021


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Judge Drops False Accusation Rape Case Against Male U.S.C. Student Armaan Premjee Due To Video Evidence Proving His Innocence

Neither student at the University of Southern California knew what the other had had to drink. An Uber was called, and the male student was seen on video following the female student into her dorm, where they had sex.

The woman later falsely told the police she did not remember the encounter, later prosecutors charged the male student, Armaan Premjee, 20, with rape. However a sensible California judge dismissed the case after reviewing security video from the Banditos nightclub in Los Angeles and the woman’s dorm.

The videos showed the woman leading Mr. Premjee from the club, taking his photograph, following him into an Uber and, at her dorm, swiping an access card and allowing him inside.

The judge said during a preliminary hearing that he believed that the sex was consensual and that the videos were a “very strong indication” the woman was the initiator.

In an interview, Mr. Premjee said: “Without evidence, there’s no way to prove that consent did happen or didn’t happen. It’s just one person’s word against another.”

 A student misconduct investigation involving Mr. Premjee within the university’s was also overturned in a civil case after the woke University idiots had initially suspended him despite him winning the criminal case.

The female student has not been identified or faced any consequence, which is disgustingly routine in cases involving false claims of sexual assault.

Thankfully Armaan Premjee got justice after his life was shattered to pieces by a lying scumbag false accuser female!

Watch more; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq5my1Edu4s

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