Mar 13, 2020


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Kate James Claims She Was Abused By Amber Heard

Amber Heard’s ex-assistant Kate James claims Heard routinely abused her during her drug and alcohol binges. She also claimed Johnny Depp was always “calm” and “thoughtful” and never used violence.

Kate states that Amber Heard verbally and mentally abused her after her drug and alcohol binges and described working for her as a “nightmare from which she has still not recovered from and has left her “permanently mentally scarred.”

Although Kate did stress that Heard’s then partner Johnny Depp was “calm” and “thoughtful,” and offered to entertain her son while she was working, and never used violence. Kate James continued by stating she often spent seven days a week with Heard and often in intimate settings where she saw her nude or semi-nude.

She also confirms that she never witnessed any of Heard’s accusations against Depp and instead claims to have seen ample evidence of Heard’s own abusive behaviour. She stated; “She would fly into blind rages where no-one could reason with her, even if I was trying to offer an explanation I didn’t think that she could hear me as she was so angry.”

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