Jun 19, 2020


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Kenny Richey Released From Death Row Life Sentence After Discovery That Witness Court Testimonials Against Him Were False

Kenny Richey spent 21 and a half years on death row in Ohio for murder by arson of a two-year-old girl. He survived 13 execution dates; each one was postponed as his lawyers filed new appeal reviews of his case.

In 2005, some of the witness court testimonials and evidence used in the investigation was proven to be false, and Richey walked free after accepting a plea deal. Since then he has struggled to rebuild his life. RT News have created a two part documentary to show Richey’s story where some still question his innocence. Amnesty Internationals called his trial “one of the most compelling cases of apparent innocence that human rights campaigners have ever seen.”

Watch the two part series here; https://rtd.rt.com/trailers/imprisoned-the-man-with-a-cigarette-kenny-richey/

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