Aug 06, 2020


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Lesbian Feminist Ellen DeGeneres Being Investigated Over Racism, Bullying And Sexual Harassment

Famous American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has become mired into an unprecedented set of controversies over workplace deficiencies, with reports alleging her show’s workplace atmosphere is “dominated by fear”, “racist”, and “toxic” in particular.

Following the shocking allegations, Ellen was reportedly considering to pull the plug on her show entirely, however, the latest developments suggest otherwise. Ellen, a winner of 30 Emmy Awards in total, has now sent a memo to apologise to her staff, while promising justice and fairness in the workplace environment of the show.

An NBC news report suggested that the production house of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Warner Media, has launched an internal investigation into the show amid reports alleging a toxic work environment. Following this the apology memo from Ellen herself was sent across to all staff members of the show.

The workplace toxicity allegations range from racism, sexual harassment, and huge mistreatment far away from Ellen’s ‘be kind’ fame. None of the allegations are directed at Ellen herself, but when things were going downhill for the staffers, she reportedly kept looking the other way.

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