Jun 16, 2020


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Lisa Britton Stands Up For Men’s Rights

Lisa Britton is an respectable women, she is an author of children’s books and is fighting for men’s rights. Her Twitter page is full of positive information regarding men’s rights and she shows her passion for fighting for what is right. Her Twitter bio reads; “Don’t forget about our boys.” Some of her tweets are below;

“The Future is Female? No…. The Future Is Everyone!”

“We’ve learned more and more over several decades about just how significant fathers are in a child’s life. Yet, forces keep pushing and pushing for further destruction of the family…. This must change! Stand up for men! Stand up for dads! Stand up for children!”

“Boys have fallen far behind academically. When it was girls who were behind, society pushed to fix the problem. Now that the boy crises needs to be addressed, everyone turns a blind eye or says boys themselves are the problem. Here’s an idea…Let’s encourage boys, too!”

“Men and women are not the same and that’s not a bad thing…it’s a good thing! We should celebrate our differences, not pretend they don’t exist. It’s ridiculous that I even have to say this.”

Here’s a link to Lisa Britton’s Twitter page; https://twitter.com/LisaBritton

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