Sep 09, 2021


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Lying False Accuser Kristen Michelle Rimes Arrested For Blaming Black Boogie Man For Fake Sexual Assault After She Caused Hysteria Via Mainstream Media & On Social Media

Kristen Michelle Rimes from South Carolina falsely claimed she was attacked by a shadowy figure who attempted to rob and sexually assault her in a Walmart parking lot – she was arrested and charged with lying to police.

Rimes, 26, lied about the incident and was charged with filing a false police report and false swearing to police. An investigation found that Rimes was not even on the Walmart property on the night in question.

At the time of the incident, Rimes posted pictures complete with fake bruises on her cheeks and nose and a bloody cut above her eye on social media and gained feminist mainstream media backing & exposure for her lies. Rimes also filed a police report that claims that she was “assaulted by an unknown male suspect.”

Rimes falsely claimed the unknown man said “Hey, girl” to her before suddenly punching her in the face and dragging her from the car. She went on to say that the man dragged her from the car and assaulted her.

“He started tugging on my pants,” Rimes lied. “Then I suddenly hear another guy scream, ‘What’s going on over there?’ And at that point, the guy took off,” “The man who yelled never came back, I just take it as an angel sent from God right at that time.”

“I wanted to get home and get out of there,” she added. “I went first thing Monday morning to file the police report to pull camera footage, which I am so mad at myself for not calling them that night. I think I was in such shock.”

Rimes claimed she didn’t get a good look at the suspect, yet when asked for a description, she was oddly specific.

“He was a black male, medium build, wearing a hoodie with a jacket over it,” she said, repeating the often used trope of blaming a mystery man of sexually assaulting a woman.

According to police, Rimes’ post about the incident and subsequent police report, caused “a public concern.”

Rimes was arrested and taken to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Centre.

Her claim that her assailant echoes hundreds of incidents over the years where a panic was caused when a woman implicated a phantom black man as an assailant. The incident comes as this year is the 25th anniversary of Susan Smith claiming she was carjacked, and her two children taken, by a hooded black man in South Carolina.

Smith was later found to have killed the kids and made up the black man as a cover for the murder. She was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison in 1995.

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