Apr 11, 2021


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Lying Female Prison Officer LeAnn Bailey Blair Fired & Jailed After Admitting She Made False Accusations Of Sexual Assault Against Her Innocent Male Colleague

The Sedgwick County Sheriff said that a detention deputy applying for a new position within the agency has been fired and arrested on suspicion of criminal charges after she admitted to a background investigator that she’d lied about being sexually assaulted by a male coworker.

The former deputy, LeAnn Bailey Blair Schlicher of Derby, was booked into the Sedgwick County Jail on suspicion of interfering with law enforcement, jail records show. The crime is a felony.

Schlicher accused a fellow male detention deputy of the fake sexual assault. At the time, the allegations led to a criminal investigation where prosecutors declined to file charges, as well as an internal investigation that resulted in both deputies being disciplined for unrelated policy violations.

Schlicher applied to be a commissioned deputy with the Sheriff’s Office, prompting a background investigation during the hiring process.

During an interview with a background investigator, Schlicher “admitted to filing a false police report to detectives about the fabricated sexual assault report.”

Because knowingly making a false report to law enforcement is a crime, the admission tipped off another criminal investigation. Schlicher was arrested and fired.

The detention deputy who was the target of the false report is no longer working for the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office. He would not comment on whether that deputy and Schlicher had been in a relationship or had a romantic involvement of any sort.

The case against Schlicher will be turned over to the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether to file formal charges.

“Every alleged complaint (against an employee) is taken seriously and is investigated either criminally or internally, including false complaints of misconduct,” Easter said during the news conference, adding that “deputies are not above the law.”

After the case went to court, she was set free despite admitting to a felony criminal charge! The evil and corrupt Matriarchy strikes again!

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