May 23, 2020


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“Mentally Ill” Mandy Jones Tries To Bully TV Star Jameela Jamil; However Jameela Puts The “Fake Activist” In Her Place

Mentally ill Mandy Jones, 29, tweeted Jameela Jamil’s petition against paid partnerships was “really fucking shit.” Jameela Jamil had launched a petition titled; “Stop celebrities promoting toxic diet products on social media.” which had over 188,000 signatures.

Mandy however apparently ran a similar petition a few months earlier but only got 7000 signatures and claimed that Jameela refused to work with her. She accused the star of “taking credit” for her “hard work” stating; “No matter who you are, or what your status is, or your privilege is, it’s really fucking shit to go around taking credit for someone else’s work.”

She continued; “Not only did Jameela know about my petition which I’ve grafted my ass off for since September, but her team didn’t want to work with me to put the signatures together…..So I’ve just blocked them on here.”

Mandy then continued to blast Jameela in a series of tweets after her aggressive, hateful video received 53,000 views. Jameela then hit back saying; “I didn’t know about you or your petition until mine had already taken off. It’s really shit for you to try to take credit for the work I HAVE done publicly for over a year. I’m sorry that I have a bigger platform than you, but I did the work by myself. And incredibly effectively.”

Jameela then continued saying that she considered working with Mandy in the future but after she “behaved horrendously…we want nothing to do with you.” Mandy then replied moaning that Jameela had tarnished her name and knew nothing about Mandy’s story.

Jameela replied; “You could have messaged me. Don’t try to play victim now. You made a public video and I put you in your place publicly about false allegations. And don’t ever talk to other women like this again. We are done here.”

Later Jameela shut down the spat after Mandy attempted to escalate it further. The actress stated; “you give activists a bad name and you don’t care about the cause. You’ve proven that in the past 24 hours. Good luck with your work….stay away from me.”

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