Mike Buchanan Tells The Truth About Bias Rape Laws Unfairly Designed To Hurt Men!

In today’s Western social climate the justice system is designed to favour women despite a lack of evidence. The culture change in today’s society is heavily influenced by radical feminism, hence juries are predisposed to assume all men accused of crimes are guilty because of the #MeToo movement.

An individual who speaks up or raises awareness by showing actual evidence or using science and logic to dispel either radical feminist claims or disprove false allegations – is cast aside in favour of this collective #MeToo madness.

Mike Buchanan and the Justice For Men & Boys are a political party that are brave enough to highlight these facts and disprove injustices. They are demonised as if they are doing something wrong just because they are standing up for real justice. Mike Buchanan has many females that work alongside him who are working towards the same goals. They even expose establishments such as the BBC as having a major hand in the cultural hypnosis that is going on in the UK, which influences not only juries but also judges to prosecute. If a man is falsely accused of any type of sexual allegation the likely hood is there is a 90% chance of him being imprisoned for it even if he is innocent.

Check out their website; https://j4mb.org.uk/key-posts/

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