Millionaire Kickboxing Champion Brothers ‘Andrew Tate & Tristan Tate’ Arrested (Then Proven Innocent) After False Accusations Made By Rejected Woman And Her Jealous Cuck Boyfriend

Superstar millionaire kickboxing champion and blood brothers Andrew Tate & Tristan Tate were arrested then proven innocent almost immediately after a rejected bitter swine of a woman made false accusations of a sexual nature because she had consensual sex and was ignored.

Her jealous cuck boyfriend called the police after she told him of her distress of being pumped & dumped, and Tristan Tate not calling her back (her P must not have been that good!).

The authorities arrived and took the Tate brother’s computers and tech equipment – they found nothing. The Tate’s were released without charge because they are innocent.

The scumbags in the mainstream media did their usual clown dance and threw shade on the 2 pillars of masculinity and brotherhood because the media are morons that have hated Andrew for years due to him being so based and so successful that he is does not affected by their fake news woke feminist trash narrative. Add this to the fact that every time the Tate’s make a million its like they take a big dirty sh!t and p!ss on the lamestream media and tabloid press!

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