Northern Irish Police State Excessive Alcohol Consumption Leads To False Rape Allegations

Police in Northern Ireland have apologised after leaflets linking alcohol consumption to rape were circulated in Belfast. This received a severe amount of backlash with many people stating the force was taking part in ‘victim blaming’ culture. They were not, they were trying to safeguard booze-hound women who get drunk and sleep with guys then falsely accuse them of rape!

The flyer claimed that many sexual abuse cases occur when people are drunk and outlined ways individuals can protect themselves. The police force have now said the leaflets have been discontinued and are now investigating why they were distributed in the first place. The leaflets also stressed that rape victims were never at fault however that wasn’t good enough for many.

A women rights activist stated her anger and annoyance at the flyers by stating; “we are in 2020 and still we see this blaming the victim of rape.”

A former police officer defended the police force by stating; “the police don’t victim blame in rape or anything else.” He continued; “people need to avoid making themselves vulnerable to all sorts of things by drinking so much that they don’t understand where they are and what they are doing.”

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